Xclusive Pro Bass Console

If you’re watching this video then you understand that the Xclusive Pro Bass Series by Xpress Boats is one of the finest-performing fishing solutions on the water today. Available in 18, 19, and 21-foot lengths, this Bassmaster Elite-proven, bass pursuing machine packs looks, fishability, storage, comfort, and most importantly performance, into one amazing original all-welded aluminum boat.

Today we are going to better acquaint you with the Xclusive Pro Bass Series X-wing console with graph recess. Please keep in mind that steering wheels, graphs, blinker trim levers may vary depending on the package and options you chose for your boat. The following packages are available on the Xclusive Pro Bass Series, with the first three being the most popular amongst existing customers.

  • High Performance Package (X19 & X21)
  • Elite Package
  • Appearance Package
  • Limited Edition (LE) Package

To begin, we want to point out the water-resistant battery switch located in the rear compartment of the boat above the fuel tank. You can access it from the rear deck or standing behind the boat before you launch. Turning the red dial until the green ON is shown will turn all your accessory batteries on. Remember to turn this to OFF after each fishing trip to conserve battery power. 

Now let’s start with the RPM and trim gauge located on the left side of the dash panel. This will display the current RPM of the outboard along with the tilt of the motor. 

Next is the 3-spoke steering wheel. The tilt lever, located underneath the steering wheel column, allows you to adjust the angle the steering wheel is positioned to provide maximum comfort and usability. There will be a blinker lever attached to the right side of the steering column to adjust the motor’s trim. If you chose the hydraulic jack plate option, there will be an additional blinker lever attached to the left side of the steering wheel column.

The fuel and water PSI gauge, located to the right of the steering column, shows how much fuel your boat is holding. The X18Pro has a 36-gallon fuel capacity, while the X19Pro and X21Pro hold 40 gallons of fuel. The water PSI gauge indicates the water pressure in your motor.

Moving further to the right is the switch panel, which houses a collection of rocker switches that control various functions within the boat.

NAV/ANC turns on the green and red navigational lights on and off.

BILGE controls the bilge pump, located inside the rear storage compartment. Please watch the separate video segment called “Livewell/Bilge Pump” for additional information about using your bilge pump.

AUTO AERATOR MANUAL adds water to the livewell. To fill it up, switch it down to MANUAL. Once it’s full, switch it up to AUTO to add fresh water into the livewell in cycles of about 3 minutes (3 minutes on and three minutes off). Be sure spray head valve on top is set at about half so that all excess water can drain out thru the overflow in the livewell. Failure to turn down the valve on the spray head may result in the livewell overflowing into the boat. 

AUTO RECIRC MANUAL controls the recirculation feature in the livewell. Make sure recirculation spray head (red knob in livewell) is pushed in before you flip the switch up to auto. The aerator will now pull water from the livewell and recirculate it back into the livewell. Recirculation will work on about a three-minute cycle (3 minutes on and 3 minutes off). WARNING: Only use the recirculating system when there is water in the livewell. Water level must be over the intake fitting, for the recirculating pump, in the livewell. Failure to do this could result in damaging the recirculation pump.

ACC turns on any additional accessories that you may have included with the purchase of your boat, such as LED lights in the livewell and storage compartments. 

You may also see a blank accessory plate on the switch panel. This spot is for another rocker switch to control additional options you may add in the future.

The ignition is just underneath the switch panel and is used to start your motor.

Further down in that part of the console is the fuse panel, which is separated from earlier X Pro models to provide easier access. All fuses are labeled according to the component they are connected to.

A convenient built-in cupholder with storage is located below that on the floor.

A hot foot and speaker will be located by your feet and mounted onto the front baffle if you chose to include those options. 

Beside your right arm is the remote livewell drain control switch. OPEN will empty the water and CLOSE will hold water in the livewell. Please watch the separate video segment called “Livewell/Bilge Pump” for additional information about using your livewell.

Closer to you is the Yamaha flush-mounted control box with ergonomic handle with thumb-operated trim-tilt switch, neutral switch, push-button neutral warm-up, and a built-in engine-stop lanyard kill switch. For your safety, we recommend you always have your kill switch clipped into your PFD or wrapped around your wrist when operating the engine.

There may be a courtesy light, radio or tool holder on the interior side of the console depending upon the options and package you chose. The courtesy light provides LED lighting on the interior for low-light conditions. The optional Kicker or WetSounds premium sound system includes two speakers, one mounted under the console and the other on the passenger side of the front baffle. Finally, the tool holder allows you to store pliers, snips, and other hand-held tools in a convenient location.

The front of the Xclusive Pro Bass console features a sleek aero-dynamic design and includes the tinted windshield.

Finally, the small black cap on the exterior side of the console is the hydraulic steering fluid port where you can add additional fluid as needed.

We hope you have found this Xpress Boats owner’s manual segment very helpful. You should now have a thorough understanding of the various components that make up the X-Pro console and what each does. See you on the water!

For additional information, please look inside the Basic Boating and Safety Manual, included in your Xpress dry bag, visit our website xpressboats.com, or contact your local Xpress dealer. If you have a question that is not covered in any of these modules send us an email at info@xpressboats.com.