welders mask, work gloves and mig torchWHAT IS THE XPRESS DIFFERENCE?

No two boats are created or built the same. They may both have an attractive exterior covered with shiny metallic paint, but the hull design, structural support, and substrate underneath can vary drastically, which is why we developed the “Xpress Difference.” Check out each of the individual components relating to our construction techniques that culminate in the original all-welded aluminum boat!

Building aluminum boats correctly is a simple concept to conceive, but so challenging to put into practice. Some of our competitors in the aluminum boat industry cut corners and drill holes in boat hulls and rivet them together. These holes leak, wood rots, and your investment deteriorates over time. Xpress Boats was the first boat manufacturer to build by welding. We are proud to go the extra mile and construct a solid unibody foundation. After half a century and tens of thousands of boats built, you will find that the original is still the best.

roll of aluminumUnlike our competitors who use fiberglass, Xpress chose to use aluminum because it is stronger and lighter, allowing our boats to be faster and less expensive to repair. Xpress Boats uses the finest 5052 aluminum alloy which arrives at the plant in coils. Each aluminum coil is unrolled onto a cutting table where boat components are precision cut using an automated computer-aided drafting (Auto CAD) program ensuring each part of your new Xpress Boat is perfectly cut every time.

man welding an aluminum boat hullAfter each boat part has been properly shaped, they are placed in storage racks, ready to be welded into your new Xpress Boat. Skilled craftsmen and women begin building the all-welded hull, without rivets and screws. Longitudinal rib construction, pioneered by Xpress, was created to add structural alliance, greater performance, and strength. Compartments and boxes are added in with flooring secured over the top to fashion a tremendously strong, solid one-piece unit, which we call unibody construction, that is both tough and built to last. Your investment is crafted by passionate individuals, not machines, who have skilled hands focused on getting people on the water in a safe, economical boating solution.

man welding transom on boat

In addition to the handcrafted welding, the production team at Xpress Boats inserts premium, environmentally-friendly expandable foam, which Xpress Boats innovated the use of, into every void in your hull. The unibody-injected foam construction provides both strength and flotation to your new Xpress Boat. The engineers at Xpress Boats understand that the bodies of water you venture out on and the game you target vary greatly. Unlike others in the industry who use the same hull underneath every model they offer, Xpress understands that there is no single solution that is perfect for all applications, which is why we designed hulls to meet the specific demands of each environment. We build unparalleled strength and durability into every all-welded, all-aluminum hull we craft, from the lightning-fast holeshot of Hyper-Lift Hull to the skinny water stealth of the Shallow Water Hull. Visit our performance page to view the 8 different hull styles we offer. Xpress has engineered specific hull types to ensure peak performance and handling, which are checked for smoothness by our quality control team. By doing this meticulous inspection, you know your new Xpress boat will effortlessly glide across the water. With the welding and foam process completed, each new boat is moved into our state-of-the-art paint prep area and a comprehensive cleaning process begins in preparation for painting.

Humminbird graphOur design team selects best-in-class marine-grade components for each boat we manufacture to ensure customer confidence, satisfaction, and enjoyment. Our boats come standard packaged with Humminbird and Minn Kota products, which ensure consistent supply availability, which is especially helpful during the past few years. Garmin is an available option for your graph and trolling motor. Shallow water anchors by Power-Pole, Talon, and Raptor. Audio systems, speakers, and RGB lighting by Wet Sounds and non-skid marine flooring by SeaDek. SeaStar and BayStar steering components and T-H Marine Supplies products are other brands that we rely heavily upon.

Xpress bass boat on a BackTrack Trailer

Unlike other boat manufacturers who outsource their trailers, Xpress Boats offers BackTrack Trailers to our customers, which are built on sight. These industry-superior, all-aluminum, all-welded trailers are as attractive as they are rugged. Each trailer is custom-built to transport your Xpress safely and securely and comes standard with LED lights, composite bunk covers, and high-performance Vortex hubs, with a 100,000-mile carefree lubrication system. To customize your trailer, you can add optional features like a spare tire with mount, brakes on the second axle of the tandem, aluminum wheels, and an LED lighted step with the Xpress logo. The trailers are designed exclusively for Xpress Boats and are second to none in quality, durability, and craftsmanship.

X21Pro bass boat on trailer

It is incredible what an innovative spirit can do when faced with a challenge. Instead of just going with the flow, the founder of Xpress Boats came up with a successful building solution to set the standard in the aluminum boat industry. Since that day, countless generations of anglers and hunters have placed their trust in the original all-welded aluminum boat. You now know about the outstanding construction that goes into every boat we build, combined with the performance, style, and durability. Are you ready to make memories and join the Xpress Boats family? Visit www.xpressboats.com/search-dealer to find your nearest authorized dealer and start your adventure today.