See what Xpress customers are saying!

“My H22B offers great performance and is the most comfortable fishing boat I’ve owned. The Yamaha 175 HP powers the 22-foot boat nicely. The SeaDek is something I didn’t know I’d like as much as I do. Easy on the feet and knees when you have to get down and dirty. I’m an avid bass fisherman, fishing probably three times a week year-round. The gas mileage is impressive. The Minn Kota trolling motor with i-Pilot has more hours than the engine. Whether freshwater or saltwater, my H22B performs perfectly.”

– Crocker from Texas

“The feature I love most about my 2021 Xpress H18 is the padded hull. The ride on this boat is incredible! It’s so smooth and stable when fishing. Another feature I love is the SeaDek, which makes clean-up at the end of a long fishing trip a breeze just spray it out and it’s dry in 15 mins. And last, but not least, my Yamaha. It’s reliable and get’s me there and back. I’m glad Xpress uses a reliable motor such as Yamaha. I purchased my H18 at Wieda’s Marine. They made the buying process simple and easy. Thanks for making an awesome boat!”

– Bryan from Kentucky

“My favorite feature of my 2020 X19 Pro is the boat’s performance. It’s powerful, fast, and handles extremely well. It by far is the smoothest riding boat I have been in. The layout of the X19 Pro was well thought out. The deck is large and easily allows multiple people to fish from the front. There is plenty of storage to have all of our fishing gear on board and keep organized. SeaDek is incredibly easy to clean, very durable and feels great to stand on. I will never go back to carpet in a boat after having SeaDek. Thank you, Xpress for building a superior boat!”

– Mandy from Texas

“I purchased my X18PFC Xclusive Pro Crappie boat from A-1 Auto & Marine in Quincy, FL. They’re an outstanding dealer and have been great to work with on maintenance and any issue I may have. I fish crappie tournaments in Florida and love the durability of the boat, including how well it handles in rough water, and also the dual live wells for tournaments are a must. I fish the Florida Crappie Club and have fished the Crappie USA Florida tournaments, in which I placed 3rd and 1st in the amateur division. This qualifies me for the classic in KY this fall in the Crappie USA Trail.

– Will from Florida

“My fiancé and I were in the process of getting a new boat that was light, durable, and able to handle the oyster bars. We stopped by Gulf to Lake Marine, who led us towards the Skiff 185, making the buying process extremely easy. Just the weight of the boat had me sold, plus it is aluminum. I’m super impressed with the Yamaha 115 SHO, which is one of the lightest on the market. After my fiancé saw the SeaDek and the color scheme she was sold. I’m impressed with its performance each and every time we take it out!”

– Jake from Florida

“If you are in the market for a durable and dependable aluminum boat, look no further! Xpress Boats are the top of the line when it comes to aluminum boats! Not only do they look great, but they ride like no other. The simplicity of the boat is my favorite quality! As a tournament fisherman, it is important to know that my boat will perform the same each time. I purchased my X21Pro from Bayou Outdoor Powersports in Bossier City, Louisiana, and the customer service has been exceptional! Needless to say, Xpress Boats are the way to go!”

– Preston from Louisiana

“My first thought on the H20Bay is “wow, this thing is beautiful.” The Hyper-Lift hull is crazy good when it comes to getting on plane. With 4 adults, a full fuel tank, gear, and ice chests it had no problem getting on plane. Here in Mobile Bay, it can get quite choppy quickly and it handled the chop really well. I’m extremely pleased with the handling as that was one of my biggest concerns. Plenty of storage and all pumps, batteries, and wiring are easily accessible. 10/10 recommend all day! Very pleased to say I’m an Xpress owner!”

– Caleb from Alabama

“I’ve had my 2022 Skiff 185 out on inland rivers, lakes, and inshore. No matter what I ask of it, it delivers. It’s just a phenomenal fishing platform. I’ve owned multiple aluminum boats over the years and what absolutely amazes me about this boat compared to those in the ‘feel’ and sound. It is so quiet and solid feeling you forget it’s aluminum. I’ve had this in some serious chop and could not believe how smooth and dry the ride was. It’s a well-thought-out boat, well constructed, and a pleasure to operate.”

– Jeremy from Georgia

“The H24Bay that I purchased from Marshall’s Marine in Georgetown, SC is the best boat out there in my opinion! A lot of these guides talked bad about the aluminum boat industry until I gave them a ride on my boat. I will put my Xpress up against any of their fiberglass boats in rough water, shallow water, or anything! Y’all killed it with this design! The open walking room is perfect for charter fishing like I do!”

– Nick from South Carolina

“After owning 5 hulls in 3 years, I found the XP200 to be exactly what I needed. My favorite features of the Xpress are the textured interior Xtreme Coat in combination with the washdown pump, the livewell/baitwell, and the HD hull, which gives me the benefits of aluminum with the stability of glass. My Xpress has kept me on the water year-round, fishing for anything and everything, and has yet to fail me. It is without a doubt the most versatile boat I have ever fished out of and had the pleasure to own!”

– Martin from Tennessee

“I absolutely love my H20B! I have two kids so the jump seats were a big plus for me and it’s probably the easiest boat to pull I’ve ever owned with the weight of the boat and the trailer is so light. Maneuverability is awesome in the boat as well. The 115 Yamaha SHO is perfect for my application and I haven’t found any water or weather that I won’t take this boat out in. It handles anything and everything I want it to. I have never taken this thing on the water and not gotten compliments on it.”

– Josh from Oklahoma

“By far the best aluminum boat on the market! I own an X19Pro powered by a 175 Yamaha. The gas tank is huge. The front deck is big enough to have a house party. The boat can reach up to 60+ mph in a heartbeat. Don’t even get me started about the tons of storage. I have 27+ rods in the locker with room to add more, plus the center compartment can fit me laying down in it. The buying process at Custom Marine was very straightforward and they made sure I was happy with my purchase. Seriously a great boat for all these features.”

– Tyler from Georgia

“The Hyper-Lift Hull on my H24Bay has to be the best hull in the aluminum boat category. It’s smooth riding even in a good chop, shoots out the water like a rocket, and allows you to holeshot in shallow water. The Yamaha SHO will forever be my choice of power. One more of my favorite features about the boat is the abundance of lights in all the compartments and live wells. The team at Florida’s Family Marine tricked the boat out as much as possible. When people ask what I think about the boat I always tell them you will be Xpressed with it.”

– Ryan from Florida

“I’ve had my Xpress H190Bay for a year now. Growing up we had a couple of different boats and I’ve personally owned Trackers and a Carolina Skiff prior to this and they just don’t compare. I can say with confidence that I will exclusively purchase Xpress Boats going forward. I’m on the water 2-3 days a week. I’ve run this boat in fresh and saltwater and shallow water back up in creeks to get to where we need to be to duck hunt. I haven’t had a situation yet where it hasn’t been able to perform with perfection. If you’re looking at Xpress don’t think twice, just do it!”

– Tucker from Texas

“The top three features that I like most about my X21Pro are the SeaDek that allows me to fish barefoot all summer long, the Hyper-Lift Hull provides tremendous speed and agility, and the storage compartments that allow me to store a maximum amount of tackle, rods, and equipment, which is very helpful for tournament fishing. I have never owned a bass boat with as much storage! My buying process with Carey and Sons Marine, near Dallas, TX, was fantastic!”

– Ethan from Louisiana

“I have fished my entire life from glass boats until recently when I purchased my first new boat, an X18PFC for my wife and me to crappie fish from. I did my homework when shopping and the setup of this Xpress was perfect. The stability of the Hyper-Lift Hull handles well in rough water, allowing me to set up on top of the water and it provides a cocoon of safety. The SeaDek is beautiful and very comfortable. My Yamaha 115 SHO provides more than enough power to move me. Open Season Sports & Marine in Camden is a reputable dealer. Ryan, the owner, helped me out and got me into my boat the next day, rigged the way I wanted it. My entire family buys from them.”

– Brad from Tennessee

“We purchased a 2021 Xpress XP180 from Marshall’s Marine in South Carolina. They were great to work with. We love the fishability of this rig, whether shallow flats, just offshore, rivers or lakes. This boat handles like a dream, fast, stable, and light. The XP180 handles all types of water well for its size. We especially enjoy the large SeaDek covered casting decks. I can’t say enough about the quality of this Xpress XP180. It’s a real eye-catcher. We get lots of comments at the boat ramps and on the water.”

– Larry from North Carolina

“I was looking for a newer flats boat with an affordable price point, came across the Xpress Skiff 185, and fell in love. This aluminum boat is durable for the shallow waters I fish. Secondly, I love the amount of storage space this 18-foot boat has. Finally, I am extremely impressed with how dry this boat is. I can run this boat all day and never have to worry about fuel or my batteries. The gunnels are plenty wide enough to walk on while fishing and the SeaDek adds the next level of comfort. I am overly impressed and happy with this boat!”

– Brett from Florida

“I purchased a 2021 H22B from Marshall’s Marine in Lake City, SC, and was impressed with their customer service. I spend a lot of time taking veterans out fishing with a non-profit called Hook Line and Heroes, so safety is my main priority. I decided on the Xpress H22B because of the reputation of an Xpress with the Hyper-Lift Hull, plus there is plenty of room on the front deck, and it’s perfect for bass, striper, redfish, catfish, and crappie. The tandem axle trailer and the weight reduction of aluminum made towing a breeze!”

– Keith from South Carolina

“I am now in my third Xpress and couldn’t be happier in my 2019 X21Pro. The dealer made the buying process so extremely easy. Each time I have bought a boat I never considered anything, but an Xpress. Fishing in Arkansas is diverse, from large deep lakes to shallow skinny water. I chose Xpress because of its durability, performance, and SeaDek flooring. I have had a great experience with customer service from the factory. They have been extremely helpful and prompt for anything I have needed and couldn’t ask for anything more.”  

– Cody from Arkansas

“My Bayou 17V gets me anywhere I need in south Louisiana. The top three features I value are the accessory rail system, for which I ordered the convenience station that is perfect for a drink, and a box of shells when hunting. The second feature is the paint, which looks great and holds up when running flooded timber and marsh. The third feature is weight. The boat is incredibly light, making it easy to trailer. I purchased my Bayou 17V from Boats Unlimited in Baton Rouge which was extremely easy to buy from. I love the boat and can’t recommend it enough!”

– Cameron from Louisiana

“I use my HD16DB mostly on my home lake of Beaver Lake for striper, bass, and crappie fishing. The features I value most are the long and wide front deck, which gives me a ton of space to leave rods down as well as still move around without ever feeling cramped. The stability of the boat overall is unmatched by a 16’ aluminum boat. The rod box isn’t enclosed, so I can fit my 9’ fly rods and 10’ crappie poles in there and lock it up. Finally, the massive back deck allows for people to fish from the back of the boat comfortably.”

– Daniel from Arkansas

“The features I like most about my 2018 Xpress XP200 Catfish that I bought from Smith Motor Company in Hattiesburg, MS, are the size, layout, accessory rail system, and xtreme coat liner. I’ve had five people, three big coolers, a baitwell full of water, and the giant front livewell and the boat still performs excellent with the Yamaha 115. The decks are huge and comfortably fit three guys on the front deck. The full-length rod box allows me to walk the full perimeter of the boat without stepping down onto the floor. I also appreciate the accessory rail system and xtreme coat liner.”

– Tim from Mississippi

“There are several things we love about our Xpress H20Bay. We like to run the skinny backwaters of Mosquito Lagoon and Lake Okeechobee. We wanted a boat that could do it all and that’s why we chose Xpress. One of my personal favorite features is how much thought was put into the drainage when it came time to wash the boat. Water literally drains everywhere and no puddles are left behind. My girlfriend loves all of the storage capabilities and how the deck of the boat never gets hot to the touch. For an all-aluminum boat, that’s pretty impressive, especially in the Florida heat.”  

– Paul from Florida