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Why Choose Xpress Boats?

Xpress Boats, the original all-welded aluminum boat company, understands that your time is valuable and your investment in our innovative product is appreciated. With care and maintenance, you will experience decades of xcitement. Join us as we define…why Xpress.

Family Owned and Operated

Family-owned and operated for three generations, Xpress Boats has been building all-welded high-performance aluminum boats in Arkansas since 1966. Our company understood that aluminum was stronger than fiberglass, lighter than steel, corrosion, and puncture-resistant, and does not deteriorate from exposure to the sun, making it the ideal substrate for building durable fishing and hunting boats. Plus, aluminum boats are much easier to take care of and cheaper to repair than fiberglass. From its humble beginnings in a schoolhouse in Friendship, Arkansas, we have grown to a 250,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility right here in Hot Springs, Arkansas. With over 55 years of tradition, people know that Xpress is a stalwart in the industry and will be here into the future. We have over 200 skilled employees spread across 25 different areas who share one common goal, to “build xcitement” for you. Xpress focuses on enhanced production efficiencies across our entire plant – from R&D and parts fabrication to welding and rigging. Our expanded engineering department uses state-of-the-art computer technology to ensure maximum performance, safety, durability, form, fit, and function. We started the all-welded high-performance aluminum boat industry and are still leading the way.

The Original All-Welded Aluminum Boat

Rivets were commonly used by most aluminum boat manufacturers early on, but they weaken and break over time and cause boats to leak and perform poorly. The founder of Xpress Boats, Kermit Bryant, solved this dilemma by all-welding its hulls to ensure a long-lasting, unibody, quality product. This pioneering decision positioned his company and legacy as the originator and leader in the aluminum boat industry, forever changing how other manufacturers do business. Xpress Boats still strives to lead and not follow, which is evident in every single original, all-welded, high-performance aluminum boat that comes off our line. Remember, if you are not the original, then you will always be in the shadow of one.

#1 Selling 20-Foot Aluminum Pad Hull Bay Boat

The Xpress H20Bay is the #1 selling 20-foot aluminum bay boat in America according to statistical data. Consumers over the past 12 months have purchased hundreds more H20Bay boats than the next leading competitors model of the same size, which speaks to the quality construction and high level of performance that you will find in every one of the all-welded, all-aluminum boats we build. There is only one original in a sea of me too’s. Why settle for anything less than Xpress?

Highest Resale Value in the Market

According to NADA post-trade values, Xpress Boats maintains the highest resale value in the market due to its attention to detail, innovative design, and unibody construction. Each boat is all-welded, with no rivets from bow to stern, which means your investment, when properly maintained, will hold its value and provide generations of outdoor recreational xcitement. Plus, aluminum boats have a much higher resale value than their fiberglass counterparts due to their durability. It is common for owners to make more money selling a used Xpress than on a new one because people are much more willing to buy used aluminum products. Pick up the local boat trader and look at the number of aluminum boats for sale. There is a reason they don’t last long. 

Pioneered the Hyper-Lift Hull

High performance is a common phrase used in the boating industry, yet there is only one who has pioneered and perfected the aluminum padded hull design commonly seen in the glass boat business. Since its introduction in 1989, the Hyper-Lift Hull has been the leader in the all-welded high-performance aluminum boat market, and to this day, nothing else can even compare. That was a defining moment for Xpress Boats because boaters now had durability and strength of aluminum with the performance and style that had previously been found in a fiberglass.

Innovative Engineering

Xpress Boats are designed with the highest engineering standards and practices, measured and manufactured at levels we are proud to call our own. Unlike many competitors, Xpress Boats uses all-aluminum construction – including decks, floors, subfloors, transom, rails, and wet boxes. Boats under 16 feet are .080 gauge with T-6 1/8” extruded ribs. These pre-formed pieces are some of the strongest ribs on the market. All boats over 16 feet are at least .100 gauge, while the Xclusive Pro Bass or X-Bay Series have .125 gauge aluminum. The all-aluminum boat has a much longer lifespan than aluminum boats with wooden or foam board decks. We pioneered and employ longitudinal rib and unibody construction to increase overall durability. Parts for Xpress Boats are designed and cut on a computer-aided plasma torch giving all our boats consistent fitting parts. We pioneered closed-cell expandable foam to increase integrity and buoyancy while reducing noise. This water-resistant polyurethane foam also helps us to meet or exceed the strict quality and safety standards of the U.S. Coast Guard, which everyone can find comforting.

Xceptional Performance

Performance sets our high-performance boats apart from the rest of the industry. Getting you to and from your destination quickly, comfortably, and safely is paramount. The engineers at Xpress Boats understand that the bodies of water you venture out on and the game you target vary greatly. Xplore the diverse collection of high-performance hulls in our arsenal by visiting our performance page. Our legacy as innovators and pioneers continues to this day, providing you with confidence every time you leave the ramp. Tournament anglers at the highest level rave about the wide front decks, that offer a larger fishing platform. With rising gas prices, it’s reassuring knowing that aluminum boats weigh less than fiberglass, which means less stress on the towing vehicle and burns less fuel. Continuous design, testing, and refinement efforts have made Xpress Boats faster, stronger, and lighter than our competitors, which means more xcitement for you!

Elite Proven

Four Bassmaster Elite wins over the past two years, including being the first aluminum to conquer the Bassmaster Classic, confirmed that our “original” all-welded aluminum boats are capable of winning at the highest level. The 2022 Bassmaster Classic will be a historic moment for Xpress Boats and the entire bass fishing world. This accomplishment drew the final line in the sand and confirmed to any doubters that Xpress Boats all-welded aluminum boats can compete and win on the biggest stage of fishing. This victory forever changed the paradigm. You don’t have to spend 100’s of thousands of dollars to be successful. Luckily, you don’t have to compete on the Bassmaster Elite Series to reap the benefits of years of engineering refinement built into our Xclusive Pro Bass Series. Whether you are a seasoned tournament angler or competing in your first derby, welcome to the future!

Lifetime, Transferable Structural Warranty

The durability of Xpress Boats is second to none and we have a network of authorized dealers around the nation to help should you need them. Our product is backed by our lifetime, transferable structural warranty, which means Xpress will repair or replace parts that are found to be defective in original material or workmanship. This warranty is for 5 years from the date of the original purchase and applies only to boats sold through an authorized Xpress dealer. Xpress will structurally warrant all transom and hull seam welds for the lifetime of the boat, with all repairs made under this warranty to be performed at the Xpress Boats plant in Hot Springs, AR. For further details please contact your local authorized Xpress Boats dealer by visiting our Locate a Dealer page.

Xclusive Partnership with Yamaha

Since 2007, Xpress Boats has xclusively chosen Yamaha Outboards to compliment our entire line of boats, including bass, bay, skiff, crappie, catfish, and hunting models. Yamaha gives boaters dependability and unparalleled fuel efficiency to go the distance without breaking the bank at the gas station. The legendary reliability of Yamaha coupled with the performance of the Xpress Hyper-Lift Hull and xcitement that only Xpress Boats can offer equals the right motor, right boat, and the right decision.

Superior Dealer Network

The success of Xpress Boats would not be possible if it were not for the network of our 95 authorized dealers throughout the continental U.S. who represent our brand in the marketplace! These valuable, trusted partners are your first stop for performance, electronics, lighting, audio system, and hull-related questions, plus parts, cleaning, maintenance, and service. These advocates are extremely knowledgeable of the various Xpress models they have in stock and can help guide you to a boat that best fits your needs. They will take the necessary time to ensure you fully understand your new boat’s features, performance, and capabilities. Dealers have trained technicians on staff to keep your boat in top shape so you are always ready to hit the water. Finally, Xpress Boats authorized dealers value your warranty questions to help you better understand your concerns and aim to get you back on the water fast. Visit Locate a Dealer to locate your nearest authorized Xpress Boats dealer.

Front 3/4 view of a shallow water bay boat

There is probably no other aluminum company in the industry that offers as wide a selection and as many options as Xpress. After picking the model, customers can select the colors and packages they would like, along with any options they need from our best-in-class partners to personalize their new boat with the necessary tools to harvest their limit and return home safely. Our impressive selection of models, plus the long list of options we offer, makes a customer’s choices limitless.

Are you ready to trust in 56 years of tradition and innovation and invest in the original all-welded aluminum? If so, then we would love to welcome you to the Xpress Boats family. Visit www.xpressboats.com/search-dealer to find your nearest authorized dealer and start your adventure!