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Our legendary construction and craftsmanship are built in to every boat we put our name on. The Bass Series offers you an outstanding fishing boat that will fit your budget. Best of all, it comes with the dependability you expect.

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Wet decks are no problem with our Xtreme Coat floor liner and large storage compartments. They are perfect for holding all the things you need for a successful day fishing for trout, redfish, flounder or tarpon. 

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Xpress Boats, the original all-welded aluminum company has done it again! The all-welded aluminum skiff provides a solid fishing platform and outstanding performance characteristics for years of enjoyment!

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While pursuing monster cats on the mighty Mississippi River or any large body of water, you need a boat full of fight and capable of handling any situation. The Explorer Catfish Series has the muscle it takes to battle rough water conditions.

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Utilizing the boating industry’s premiere hull design, the Crappie Series provide an incredible amount of storage, large fishing decks, plenty of livewell space, a removable bait bucket, and most importantly comfort. 


Whether you’re skimming mud flats, weaving through timber, or roaring down a deep channel, your new Xpress Hunting Series Boat will provide you with XCITEMENT for every moment of your hunting or fishing trip. 

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Whether it’s for pleasure or commercial use, our utility series provides for all usage. From a tunnel or modified “V’” hull rigged with accessories to the choice of a full bench seat or split rear seating. 


Xpress Jon Boats roots run deep with its ancestry being the original all-welded aluminum boat. Trust the origin, trust the quality, trust the name. Xpress Boats.





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    Choose the boat that best suits your needs whether you are hunting, fishing, working or all the above.


    Xpress Boats has the right boat for every need.


XPRESS BOATS the original all-welded aluminum boat

In 1966, our very first weld established the foundation of a company founded on a commitment to manufacture the finest all-welded aluminum boat. Three generations later, our family commitment remains the same and has not and will not deviate from that premise. Learn more about our history.

Xpress Boats continues to flourish and revolutionize by investing in technology and improving our methodology to guarantee the finest, cost-efficient solution on the water today. Discover additional information about our construction process.

We invite you to join our family, knowing you will be part of a tradition and heritage that no other company can profess. We are the original all-welded aluminum boat company and we build xcitement into every boat we manufacture. Contact your local Xpress Boats dealer to become part of this xcitement!

See What Recent Buyers Have to Say

“When purchasing my 2020 Xpress Skiff 185, the priority I had was versatility. I needed a boat that could handle big freshwater lakes for bass fishing, but also perform in the marsh. The Skiff 185 has hit the nail on the head for my family and I. It gives us plenty of room when riding to the sandbars to relax, and also gives a great platform for all styles of fishing. I have been blown away at how well it handles rough water. It cuts the chop well on windy days. I constantly get compliments on the appearance of this Skiff at the boat ramps, the mocha colored SeaDek gives a great non-slip platform that is very easy to keep clean! I bought this boat from RJs Outboard in Brandon, Ms. I have known the guys there for the last 15 years and could not recommend them more! They are a family owned business and some of the most down to earth folks you will meet! I can’t thank Xpress enough for the time they put into this build! There will be many memories made on this boat!”

“I couldn’t be more happy with my 2019 Xpress X18 Pro. What stands out the most to me is the incredible hole shot with the 150 hp outboard. Also, the fishability is perfect. The recessed trolling motor foot pedal tray really comes in handy on a long day on the water. Another fantastic aspect of this rig is the seadek material on the casting decks. I don’t know how I managed to fish on carpet before. It’s cool to the touch even on a hot day, and rinses off easily after a day on the water leaving a clean rig to climb into the next time. I purchased my rig from B&L Marine in Monroe, LA. Nick there at B&L Marine was super helpful. I fish the north Louisiana area on Lake Darbonne, the Ouachita River and it’s tributaries.”

“I purchased my 2018 Xpress X18 Pro from RJ’s Outboard Sales and Service in Brandon, MS. The sales and service experience with RJ’s is top-notch. After sharing my experience with RJ’s and taking a few friends fishing in my Xpress, they purchased an Xpress boat from RJ’s as well. I absolutely love the ride of the Hyper-Lift hull. The performance of the Hyper-Lift hull in regards to speed and smoothness is leaps and bounds ahead of other aluminum brands. The sleek look of the Xpress really drew me in. I purchased my Xpress without ever stepping foot in a Xpress boat. I can not tell you how many people have approached my at gas stations, boat ramps, or at the local car wash to compliment my boat. I love the Xtreme coat. I fish a lot of dirty water in the Mississippi delta and the Xtreme coat makes clean up a breeze. I wash my boat several times a month so quick cleanup is a major plus. I recently sold my X18 and I’m in the process of getting ready to pull the trigger on a X19. I will be purchasing from RJ’s again.”

“I own a 2019 Xpress XP7 Bass in blue I purchased the boat brand new from Smith Motor Company in Hattiesburg, MS. They are awesome people to do business with! The support from Smith Motor has been excellent…5 Stars since the day I bought it! Anytime I have had any issue at all they have taken care of me quickly and correctly. The Xtreme Liner is awesome. I absolutely love it. The seats and roll away storage is very convenient for me. The rod lockers are huge and I fit a ton of tackle in them. My Xpress XP7 Bass with  Yamaha 90hp Vmax is hands down best boat I have ever owned!”

“I run a 2019 X19 and enjoy the big front deck as it gives my son and I plenty of room to fish comfortably, the smooth ride and SeaDek. I had carpet in my XP7, but the SeaDek is so much better and easy to clean. Eric at G&F Sporting in Raceland, LA, was polite and answered any questions I had during the buying process and the boat came in as ordered.”

“I own a 2016 Xpress X18 Pro. I love how quick it gets on plain and the way it rides across the waves like there not even there. I like the 115 Yamaha SHO, which requires very little maintenance. The Humminbird Helix 7 keeps me out of trouble. Minn Kota Edge keeps me where the fish are. I purchased the boat from Brooks Marine in Bauxite, AR. I am very pleased with boat and Brooks Marine. I enjoy Xpress all the way around!”

“Love my 2020 H22 with a 175 Yamaha SHO. This boats does it all. I would not change a thing. I purchased it at Boats Unlimited in Baton Rouge, which was a great experience. The ride is great. The lights in all compartments are very useful. I was fishing with a friend on the same area of water and we were dry and they were soaking wet. Glad I had my Xpress! Keep up the great work!”

“I have a 2019 HD16DBX that I purchased in April of 2019 and absolutely love it! I use it as mainly a hunting and fishing rig and luckily got to hunt in it around 35 different days this year for duck season. I hunt out of my boat a lot during duck season and the number one feature that I love about the DBX is the amount of room and inside the boat. The openness allows for maximum comfort when hunting out of the boat, I can easily hunt 3 people in the boat and not be crowded at all. Another this I love about the boat is how well it handles rough water for its size. It cuts through rough waves very well and is super stable and comfortable on the water. Finally the durability and strength of an Xpress is second to none. Bumping trees going through the timber, pulling up on gravel, sandbars, or even concrete, nothing damages this boat. The boat still looks brand new even after a season in the Arkansas timber. I wanted a lifetime boat and that is definitely what I got  and why I chose Xpress Boats. I purchased my package from Rothwell Marine in Hope, Arkansas. The made the process so easy, I called and told them the combination I wanted and they handled it from there. It was my first boat purchase and it was very smooth thanks to the people at Rothwell Marine.”

“I use my 2017 HD16VJ to fish for pike, perch, walleye and of course bass in the southwest of France. It was purchased from Instinct Bassboat in France, which was an excellent Xpress Boats dealer. The three features that I like most on it is the versatility between small river and large lakes, the quality of manufacture with very good aluminum and durability over time without major maintenance. This is my first Xpress Boat and I love it!”

“My favorite features of my 2020 Xpress Skiff 185 are #1, the ride. I had always heard Xpress Boats ride great but I didn’t know if they were saying it rides great for an aluminum boat or in general… I quickly learned they mean in general. Even for a skiff, this bad boy handles chop just fine and rides like a Bentley on everything else. Second is getting skinny. I saw the estimated float depth was around 8″ but I’ll say I think it’ll float skinnier. Just yesterday I had this boat floating about as skinny as the trolling motor prop. It glided right over the mud flat easy as pie. Third is the platform. It’s a very well made, sturdy and large. No unnecessary wiggle or unstable feeling at all and there’s still plenty room on the back deck to fish with the platform there. Next is stability. This thing is insanely stable. Two people can walk around to opposite sides of the boat stand on the gunnels or even stand on the same gunnel and this boat barely flinches. Hardly any noticable tilt while moving around the boat. It just stays nice and flat which definitely makes fishing with multiple people much more comfortable. Finally it’s the SeaDeck. I love the way the SeaDeck feels, cleans up, and looks. I’ve had multiple compliments on the SeaDeck and will likely never own a boat with carpet or any other floor material. I bought it from Propeller Dynamics here in Prince George, VA. The guys were great and super helpful even though none of them had direct experience with this particular boat. Robbie and Heath were great with the purchasing process and Morgan (Mo) in the shop did a great job with the rigging and checking to make sure everything was perfect before pick up. Couldn’t be happier with those guys!”

“I recently purchased my second Xpress, a 2019 X19Pro with Yamaha 200 SHO. I was looking for several things on my next new boat purchase… high performance was tops on my list of demands. This boat’s Hyper-Lift hull handles extremely well from a super fast hole shot to speeds topping 70 mph and it handles the rough water as well! Next was a boat without carpet. I chose the SeaDek flooring with extreme coat lining and love it. It’s soft, durable and easy to clean! Last but not least was the price. With Xpress you get more bang for the buck. After all the added options, my final price was much less than any comparable brand. After searching for a boat in my home state of South Carolina with no success, I found the boat I was looking for at Gulf to Lake Marine and Trailer in Locanto, FL. A couple of phone calls and a week later, I made a six hour ride to pick it up. The salesman was great to work with and made the whole process quick and easy. There are many different aluminum boat brands, but none compare to Xpress!”

“I remember seeing my first Xpress bass boat at Lake Guntersville, around 2000 or so. I noticed something a little different that suited my style of fishing. As time passed I forgot about that experience and got another glass boat. Afraid to go where I wanted to go on the water and the fact I could simply not get this boat into some areas I wanted, the search began for something different. My wife and I went to a boat show and she said this is what you need, in front of me sat the X21 Pro, then the memory came back to me from Guntersville. I saw an Xpress in a spot I always wanted to fish but could and would not try to put the glass boat into. I said something to a friend and he told me to contact Dale Hightower who runs an Xpress X21 on the Bassmaster Elite series. Dale and I met and went out on a local lake. He said “I am not going to sell you on an Xpress boat” and then handed me the keys. Well, that was all it took. Originally, I wanted something to get really shallow and around rocks, timber etc. What I got was a whole lot more. Now, I have a boat that is smooth as can be on rough water, extremely stable, crazy fast (no hole shot – you hit the gas and you are on plane) and gets tremendous mileage. The boat just rolls off logs, gets in super skinny water, has more storage than I can fill up and the Seadek is near perfection. For me, the X21 surpasses every boat I have had, in every category.”

“I’ve owned a lot of different boats, both fiberglass and aluminum, and couldn’t be happier with my 2017 Xpress H20Bay boat, which I bought from Grove Marine. They’re great people to do business with. I run a family-friendly guide service and specialize in spoonbill from November until the end of February the rest of the year I chase crappie, white bass and hybrids. I chose Xpress Boats because of the great storage features they have on the boat compared to other aluminum boat brands. I like the durable finish and cool touch feature of the extreme coat in the summertime. My H20Bay services up to five fishermen comfortably on a guided trip. I also like the bait well built into the front of the center console and rear livewell. The smooth ride of the boat, paired with the Yamaha VMAX, is great for power and fuel economy. I don’t think there’s a better boat motor combination for the money!”

“We are very proud owners of the 2020 Xpress Skiff 185! We couldn’t be happier with the boat we selected, especially out of all the boats on the market for sale. The first feature we love is that the boat floats in just inches of water, which makes it nice in shallow creeks. The second feature we love is that whether we are in rough water or calm water, it handles almost the same and no one wants a rough riding boat. The third feature we love is that how skinny it will run right off the market without a low water pickup. If you can see water, without a doubt you can run it. We are happy to say that we do most of our fishing in Crystal River, FL and bought the boat right around the corner from Scott at Gulf to Lake Marine & Trailers. Awesome people and great customer service! See y’all on the water!!!”

“The top 3 features I love about my H22Bay are as follows: I purchased a boat not only for the great fishability, but also because it’s family friendly.  My family enjoys wake boarding, tubing, joy riding and just swimming and relaxing.  This boat offers everything you need in one platform.  Secondly I love the room this vessel offers for my main reason which is fishing.  It offers a ton of storage for rods, lures and equipment.  Plus plenty of room for more than one at the bow for fishing.  The bow is laid out perfectly to fit 2 large coolers for additional fish storage.  The third thing I love about my new boat is the ride.  This thing handles and runs just like a fiberglass bass boat but better in my opinion.  The power out of the hole is incredible and perfect for those wanting to wake board or ski.  Not to mention a great hole shot for tournament days. My purchase from L&M Marine in Alabama was so easy and they’re very friendly.  I didn’t just feel like a number there.  They were genuine and were eager to answer any questions I had about the boat and future upgrades.  I can’t commend the guys at L&M more.  Super great people to work with.  Thanks L&M for the great service and thank you Xpress Boats for in my opinion, the best all around boat on the market!”

“I own a 2019 XP170 that I bought from Marshall Marine in Georgetown, SC. I’m a shallow water angler, so I love fishing for redfish on skinny creeks along the intracoastal waterway. I also love freshwater bass fishing in the spring time! The top features I love the most on my Xplorer Bass Series is the stability of the boat. I have two boys under three and the way this boat floats is awesome. Second is the storage. My last boat (War Eagle) had no storage, so there was clutter with tackle and other things we brought in the boat for the day that would get in the way. There is so much storage on the boat that it looks like I brought nothing out for a full day of fishing and family fun. The third thing I love is the standing space. There is plenty of room to fish comfortably without getting in each other’s way. The boat is super sturdy and well built! Last thing is the bench seat, which is very comfortable and a much better option than the 2 seat setup. And I have never been so dry while being in a “jon boat” ! Excellent boat all around that hits all the check marks. Well done!”

“My favorite feature of my 2020 X19 Pro is the performance of the boat. This boat is powerful, fast and handles extremely well.  It by far is the smoothest riding boat I have been in. The layout of the X19 Pro was well thought out.  The deck is large and easily allows multiple people to fish from the front. Below the front and back decks, there is plenty of storage for us to have all of our fishing gear on board and keep it all organized. Another great layout feature is that the wires and wire channels are run in a way that make it easy to quickly install and remove electronics. Next on my list of favorite features would be the SeaDek flooring. SeaDek is incredibly easy to clean, very durable and feels great to stand on. I will never go back to carpet in a boat after having SeaDek. Thank you Xpress for building superior boat!”

“I am a proud new owner of a 2015 Xpress H20B with a 115 Yamaha! The first feature that I love about the Xpress H20B is the Hyper-Lift Hull! It’s very stable even with 5+ people on the boat, gets on plain with ease and is a very comfortable ride. The second feature I love about the Xpress H20B is the grip of the inside of the boat! I don’t have Seadek, but to be honest, it doesn’t need it. I’ve been caught in the rain and don’t slip even barefoot, plus it doesn’t stain from the fish and is very easy to clean. The last feature I love about the Xpress H20B is that it’s a very versatile boat! From going 10-15 miles offshore to a few reefs or head to the mangroves. It’ll do it all! It handles pretty well in 2-3 foot waves too. Now getting into the mangroves and the skinny flats is something that caught me off guard. I’ve been in 8-9 inches of water with 3 people and a full tank of fuel. I’m very pleased with the purchase and when I pay her off I’m definitely gonna upgrade to the newer models with the SHO motor! Additionally, when pulling the boat on the highway, it doesn’t even feel like it’s there. H20B is to me one of the best boats I’ve been on!”

“Why did I choose Xpress? Good question. In the winter of 2016 Chris Wells called me and asked if he could bring a bass-pro to stay with us and do some pre-fishing for an upcoming tournament. I agreed and a couple weeks later my wife and I hosted James Niggemeyer for a long weekend. I spent a lot of time picking his brain about fishing and the whole world of tournament fishing was opened up to me. Several weeks later at his insistence I marshaled my fist event. I was hooked on tournament fishing from that point forward. Kinda funny as I didn’t have a boat or a working fishing rod as I had just sold my off-shore rig along with all of my saltwater rods. It didn’t take long to get some rods and start bank fishing and dreaming of tournament fishing. but I still needed a boat.  So, in the fall of 2016 I visited Marshalls Marine in search of my first bass boat. I was going to look at their Nitro’s and Skeeters along with what pre-owned boats they had. However, as soon as I walked in the front door there sat a new sleek black Xpress X19. That thing looked great. As I spoke to the sales team about the many other boats I kept going back to the Xpress. Never being one to rush into a purchase, I left after taking some pictures of the boat and set out to do some research and get some advice from a couple of the pro’s I had gotten to know. I found an article about aluminum vs. fiberglass bass boats on very interesting. I think that James Niggemeyer was the one to get me to pull the trigger on the Xpress. Based on where I live and fish, along with the cost, there was nothing better. The X19 was a great boat for me to cut my teeth on and after a tough first year (2017) of learning all about tournament fishing. I was feeling confident. In my second year (2018) I won my first tournament and finished regularly in the top 5. I was ready for a bigger and faster boat. I had also been saving, knowing this was going to happen. In the mean time I had also ridden in several other makes of bass boats (Nitro, Skeeter, Ranger, Triton, and Phoenix). None of them impressed me to the point that I would ever consider giving up my Xpress. So, in the summer of 2018 I ordered my X21 Pro with almost everything I could order. The speed. The handling. The storage. The ride. The deck space. The price. To me nothing compares. It seems like every time I hit a local ramp people have to come look at it and ask questions. Then to watch Xpress start fielding a team of pros really excited me and after meeting the guys I could see just how special the company of Xpress was. They treat these guys like they are a part of the family. Would I like to be a part of this family? Truth be told, I already am.”

“I choose to run a 2018 model X19 Pro with a Yamaha 200 SHO. The top three features I like best about my boat is the fishability, Pro-Air livewell system and the over all construction of the boat. The price of these boats is another great asset. Most boats with this much detail to construction and the extras you get cost nearly twice the price and only come in fiberglass. Xpress isn’t the cheapest aluminum boat out there, but is by far the best. I’m the reigning Crappie Masters National Champion and I trust my tournament success with the reliability of Xpress Boats and Yamaha.”
“I recently purchased the H22Bay so that I can have a boat I feel comfortable using in any water condition. My favorite two methods for pursuing crappie are pulling crankbaits and spider rigging. The space in the H22Bay allows me to carry an arsenal of rods along with coolers, minnow buckets and all my other gear. I couldn’t be happier with the way the boat handles in calm and rough water. It’s an absolute dream boat for me, with a price point a working man like myself can afford. I’d recommend that boat to anybody and hopefully come the end of March I can capture the ACT National tournament out of it!”
“I spent almost a year shopping for a boat. The versatility of the the Xpress kept bringing me back to it, so I purchased a 2019 H20Bay from Outcast Watersports, in Tampa, FL. I have been on many fiberglass boats and I was surprised how well the Xpress handles, the layout is perfect for all types of fishing from saltwater to freshwater and I’m glad I got the optional SeaDek. Best of all is the price point, with all the electronics included. You can’t beat it!”

“I bought a 2019 H22Bay from Boat Sales of Lake Wylie in SC. They have been really great to work with and the buying process went really well. The best part about owning it is getting kids out on the water to fish. My favorite features would be the storage, the bait tank and the handling. I have a Yamaha 150 on mine that provides plenty of power and speed. It’s a fun boat to drive and the handling is second to none. I also like the ability to get back in shallower creeks allowing me to catch fish that a lot of other boats can’t get to. I am willing to bet that I use my boat more than anybody that owns one!”

“I purchased my X18PFC Xclusive Pro Crappie boat in 2017 from A1 Marine in Quincy, Florida. They’re an outstanding dealer and have been great to work with on maintenance and any issue I may have. I fish crappie tournaments in Florida and love the durability of the boat, including how well it handles in rough water, and also the dual live wells for tournaments is a must. I fish the Florida Crappie Club and have fished the Crappie USA Florida tournaments, which I placed 3rd and 1st in the amateur division. This qualifies me for the classic in KY this fall in the Crappie ISA Trail.”

“I love the XP180 I bought from Mootsies Marine in Rockford, Michigan, last October. It gets rave reviews and everyone ask me where it came from. The top three features I like are the layout and design for fishing. Plus, I added a river anchor, which is key for fishing up here. The second is maneuverability and stability. This boat is very responsive even with a jet. The third feature I appreciate is the rough finish, which is helpful during the winter as its gets icy up here.”

“It is always good to dream! I have a 2001 Xpress 17′ with a 60 hp Mercury and an aluminum trailer. Honestly, in 18 years I have not had a problem one. The poor old Mercury has never been rebuilt and starts every time..with a bit of coaxing. However everything is getting old. At 70 years old I cannot afford problems at this point..however at this age I can also not afford a new boat. So, it is fun to look at the info and dream. If anyone asks, I tell them that Xpress is the best aluminum boat package you can buy. I have owned many aluminum boats, including early riveted models that slowly leaked while I fished. I had to keep close track.

“Versatility, speed and stability would be my three favorite features of my 2018 XP20CC. Whether hunting diver ducks on big water or running the river and backwaters, you can comfortably hunt four men and a dog with all of your decoys and equipment. You can take the blind off in the spring time, put the trolling motor down and fish a tournament or just enjoy a fun day on the lake with family and friends. My Xpress handles any job on the water that 365 days a year.”

“I have been impressed with the performance and handling of my 2019 X19 w/a Yamaha 175 SHO. One of my favorite features is the SeaDek nonskid flooring instead of having carpet in the interior of the boat. It makes for really easy clean up and taking care of the boat. I don’t have to worry about my dog scratching the boat getting in and out with the liner on the top of the rails and bow. Another feature that makes life easier is the LED lighted interior and storage compartments. The interior storage layout works great and I really like my 9” graph being recessed in the console. After coming from fiberglass boats and small aluminum rigs, I wanted a go anywhere type of boat that I can take to fish smaller water, and get out on the big lakes as well. I don’t think there is a better performing aluminum bass boat out there!
“I have a 2019 Xpress H20 Bay with a 115 Yamaha SHO that I purchased in April from L&M Marine in Alabama. I use the boat for everything.  Salmon and walleye trolling, bow fishing, and bass fishing tournaments.  I will use it for duck hunting this fall also. My 3 favorite things about the boat are the versatility, layout and appearance. This boat can do it all. I can fish bass in 10” slop in the morning, take the boat out for walleye in the afternoon and fish in 2-3’ chop.  Handles very well and even rides dry in the rough water.  I have had several people in the boat who own deep-v’s that fish in rough water frequently and commented on how stable and smooth the boat handled. My H20Bay gets right up on top of the waves and cruises over top. The hull design is very fuel efficient too…the motor hardly burns gas cruising around. I do a lot of trolling with the boat and having the back deck for fighting fish is awesome.  When walleye fishing, often times 2 or 3 rods go at the same time and it’s a fire drill to get them all in.  With the platform on the back it keeps the guys fighting fish out of the way from me driving / rigging other rods. I mounted my rod holders next to the console so I can sit and drive, while keeping an eye on the rods, unlike a deep-v where the driver sits in front of the rods and gets a sore neck turning and looking back at them all day.  I bass fish tournaments with this boat and I have more than enough room for 12-15 rods and several tackle trays. This boat just looks good! I get compliments from neighbors, other anglers at boat launches, anybody that sees this boat comments on how sharp it is, even though it’s a bit out of place in the Great Lakes region. I love the SeaDek appearance package and being able to fish barefoot while standing on that all day.  My old boat had carpet and I hated it! It would get hot in the sun, hooks would get lost in it, worm dirt would grind into it. The SeaDek is great. When it gets dirty I just hose it off. No more vacuuming the boat every time I got home. The non-slip decking on the other parts of the boat stay grippy when wet and are very easy to clean. Two features I really like are the LED package and the wash down pump. Salmon come in flopping all over and bleeding (I am very particular about my boat being clean), so I can hose the blood down and keep the boat looking good when I fish.  Walleye fishing we use nightcrawlers on harnesses mostly and fishing with worms is straight up dirty, so having the hose to wash down worm dirt is fantastic too. I have only had this boat for 2 ½ months and already have over 100 hours on the big motor and a lot more than that on the trolling motor….its been great so far.

“Being a BASS Open Professional Angler, I’m always looking for an edge on my competition and I truly found it running my 2011 Xpress X21. I can run shallower and faster than my competition and that alone makes a huge difference. The boat can handle anything from the big waters of Toledo Bend to the skinny waters of the Sabine River and everything between. The durability and design of these boats are phenomenal.”

“Fishing and the water are my favorite passions, so I’m always in my 2015 Xpress H20Bay. Three things that I enjoy about my Xpress is the durability of the hull, whether fishing in shallow or deep water and being hit with hooks, weights and baits. You can leave the worry of damaging the hull at home. Second is the confidence of the boats electronics and the Yamaha engine. If fishing for fun or for a tournament you will have 100% reliability every time. Finally, I appreciate the ability to keep the boat clean. I personally wash my boat after every trip, but if not the fish slime and dirt will wash away with ease as apposed to fiberglass. I’m a big fan of Xpress Boats, and always recommend this brand to friends and family. No other way to go!

“Just wanted to take a minute and let ya’ll know how impressed I am with Xpress Boats! I just purchased a H24 Bay with the Yamaha 250 SHO from Smith Motor Company in Hattiesburg, MS, and let me tell you that it’s one fine machine. The experience I have had from the dealership, Xpress Boat owners on Facebook and from staff at the main office has been nothing short of exceptional. The things I like most about the boat are the way it just jumps out of the hole when I take off, I mean its like it just stays on a plane no matter what speed your going. I love the way it reacts at high speeds. I would have never expected such a good ride in chop with a aluminum boat. Can’t wait to get some friends out on the water to show them what a Xpress Boat can do!”

“The first thing that really drew me to an Xpress was the way they look to be honest, this thing is sleek and sexy, just flat looks fast sitting still. I’ve always admired them. The storage and floor space on my H24Bay really sold me when I saw it. Then the little things, like the kick down foot rest and carpeted storage. What really impressed me is the ride! It cuts the chop, providing a good dry quiet ride. It eats wake boat waves. My clients can’t believe it’s an aluminum boat. It will fish 4 people with a 50 gallon filtered shad tank loaded with tackle and run 52 doing it. For those keeping track, 8 pounds per gallon at 50+ gallons (not including shad is 400 pounds give or take) in front of my console! When it’s unloaded it’s running 63. I am absolutely sure the Yamaha 250 SHO has more in it with a little playing with the prop. However, with the way it comes out of the hole and the mid range punch it has I’m leaving well enough alone. The torque this motor has is incredible! The tuned exhaust has a performance note without being 2 stroke obnoxious at all, very similar to a Corvette. The custom SeaDek option is something I wasn’t sure I needed, but now that I have it, I wouldn’t be without it. All in all, the more I fish it the more I love it, which is a really good thing because it’s my office five days a week.”

“I have owned an Xpress X21 for four years and love the ability to fish anywhere in the country out of an aluminum boat. I fish the Bassmaster Eastern Opens as a Pro and it gives me the advantage to separate myself from the other 220 anglers in the field by getting into places they can’t go. Also, being a guide I am able to have clients fish comfortably and safely with all of the storage and deck space available.”

“After running a modified Jon boat for 5 years I was in the need for a safer, more versatile boat. I wanted a boat that was both robust and functional. Something durable enough to break 2″ of ice on Lake Champlain during a late December duck season. But also a boat that was comfortable enough to enjoy the lakes and rivers of the Adirondacks chasing fish in the summer. After doing some research online, public forums and comparing different manufacturers, I landed on the 2013 Xpress 18′  duck boat. This paired with a 70HP Yamaha outboard tiller was a home run for me. One of my favorite features of this boat is how little water it drafts with a full load of decoys and hunting gear. This easily allows me to push pole or hop out and get into skinny water. Hunting 4 guys out of this boat is no issue, its stability is unbelievable. Also the T-rail system built into the gunwale allows me to easily convert the boat from Hunting rig, to fishing rig and back. After 6 years running an Xpress I am extremely happy with my purchase. I run the boat 9-10 months out of the year and plan to utilize this boat for a long time to come.”

“One of the features I like best on my 2017 18′ Shallow Water Bay with tunnel hull is the trim button at the front of the bow, which is very handy. I live and fish Deep South Texas and it gets hot. The coating on the deck on a 100+ degree day stays cool, allowing me to walk barefoot. We fish shallow water, very shallow, down-rite skinny, skinny. I should put a sign on the back of my Xpress saying “DO NOT FOLLOW ME.” It handles very well in big water too. South Texas fishing is much different than anywhere else. If you have a boat that works here, it will exceed your expectations anywhere.”

“Way back in December of 2001, I purchased a brand new Xpress H51, powered by a Yamaha 90hp 2 stroke outboard. I have put tons of hours on this rig and it just will not die. It has been through everything that you can imagine. Stumps on Toledo Bend, plowing sand on the Red River, jumping floaters on Black Lake and pushing through hydrilla on Saline Lake. l have replaced the water impeller once and have done nothing else to the boat. My boat has NEVER failed to get me back to the launch. Amazing! I am getting older, so I will be purchasing a larger boat in the near future and yes it will be nothing else, but an Xpress! Thanks for making the best aluminum boat and for all the days and memories I have fishing out of my rig, which is nicknamed the “Grey Ghost”. I hope you will pass this on to the folks building the boats and let them know the fine work and craftsmanship they are doing does make a difference!”

“From fishing the Great Lakes to skinny rivers, my 2014 X19 has been to the test more times than not. Wisconsin has many seasons and sometimes all in one day. Xpress Boats doesn’t just meet my expectations, they surpass them. I mainly bass fish, but love the fact that I can run places most walleye fisherman won’t. The storage is unreal. I carry a minimum of 20 rods on tournament day and have the ability to access my rods without them being “stuffed” in there. Also, the simple fact that I know when i take off I’m one of the first out of the gate and gone, compared to other boats that take a while to get on pad. It’s drop the hammer and “ Houston we have lift off”!”

“I fish at least twice a week all over the southern Louisiana coast on my 2006 HD20CC bay boat. One of my favorite features are the deep gunnels, which allow me take on moderately deep waves if I have to. I’ve put that boat in 4 foot swells on Lake Borgne and it still handled well. Another key factor that I love on the boat is the modified V-hull with flotation pods on the back. I can get in 6 inches of water no problem and push pole around ponds while sight casting for redfish. The boat planes off well even with a lot of weight in it. It’s a beautiful boat and runs like a champ. I’ll never sell that boat and I’ve had a lot of offers.”

“This is my second Xpress X21. I’ve had fiberglass boats as well as other aluminum boats. My 2019 Xpress X21 boat has THE best ride of any bass boat I’ve driven. Everyone who rides in my boat remarks about how smooth and dry it rides. The X21 is a great fishing platform. It is laid out with fishability in mind. I also save money towing it over a heavy fiberglass boat. After driving an Xpress X21, I could never go back to fiberglass.”

“I’ve been a proud and satisfied Xpress owner since 2006 when I bought the first of my four Xpress CC tunnel boats. My 2006 18′ CC with a Yamaha 2-stroke 90hp has been handed down to my youngest son. Thirteen years later it is still going strong over the waters of Apalachee Bay. Subsequently, I acquired two 22′ CC tunnel hulls powered 115hp Yamaha 4-strokes in 2009 and 2010. To our fleets, I bought a 20′ CC tricked out with two PowerPoles and 80lb thrust Minn-Kota trolling motor. All four hulls have hydraulic jack plates. Without question, Xpress hulls provide an awesome ride coupled with being a fantastic skinny water fishing platform. An extremely dry riding tunnel hull that draft very little water, especially when running quickly with the jack plate raised. I’m pleased to say all four of my Xpress boats were bought through Jack’s Boats & Trailers, a great dealer in Perry, FL.”

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