Hometown: Brookville, IN

Hobbies: Hunting

Bill “Dollar Bill” Lowen from Brookville, Indiana, has fished the Bassmaster Elite circuit for 17 years and has earned more than $1 million. Bill, his wife, and his two children live in a motor home most of the year, traveling from tournament to tournament across the country wherever Bassmaster is holding an Elite event. Bill made the Elite Series in 2006 and has been fishing that circuit ever since. Career highlights include champion at the 2021 Guaranteed Rate Bassmaster Elite at Pickwick Lake, 10-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier, 7 top-5 B.A.S.S. finishes, 18 top-10 finishes, and 103 in-the-money finishes.

From the time I was a little kid, all I ever wanted to do was fish the Bassmaster Classic. As far as I’m concerned, the biggest event in the world of fishing is the Bassmaster Classic. That’s where the best of the best compete against each other each year.

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Caleb Sumrall


Hometown: New Iberia, LA

Hobbies: Spending time with family & bowhunting

Caleb Sumrall grew up fishing in southern Louisiana with his dad and grandfather. His interest was diverted to golf during high school, working a job and eventually starting a family with his wife, Jaci. At 25, he started fishing local tournaments and then B.A.S.S. Nation events. That decision put him on a path of opportunity that many can only dream of. Caleb qualified for the 2017 B.A.S.S. Nation Championship on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell and won the event, which was a life-changing moment in his career, as it qualified him to fish the Elite Series the next season. In 2018, Sumrall finished in the money nine times — four times on the Elite Series (including a 13th place at Lake Oahe), four in the Bassmaster Opens (including ninth at the Championship on Table Rock) and his Classic debut. Caleb specializes in shallow water bass fishing, but understands that that technique won’t sustain him throughout an entire Elite season. Caleb joined the Xpress Boats Elite team in the fall fo 2019 and is excited for the new opportunities running the “Original” all-welded aluminum will offer him.

I have to trust my decisions and not get spun out. If I make a move, I have to trust that I made a decision for a reason. I have to settle down and commit to my decisions. 

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Lee Livesay


Hometown: Longview, TX

Hobbies: Guiding, elk & duck hunting, cooking, and being outdoors

Bassmaster Elite angler Lee Livesay made a name for himself while guiding clients for largemouth bass on the famous Lake Fork. Lee enjoys spending time outdoors with his lovely bride Taren, two teenage daughters, family, and friends when he is not competing in the the Bassmaster Elite Series. Lee chose Xpress Boats because it is a family-owned and family-operated business. The X21Pro’s shallow water capability, durability, and fish ability all appeal to him. In recent years, Lee has already claimed two Elite Series victories, the Guaranteed Rate Bassmaster Elite at Chickamauga Lake (2020) and the Guaranteed Rate Bassmaster Elite at Lake Fork (2021), where his final-day bag of five bass weighing 42-3 was the third-heaviest, single-day weight in B.A.S.S. history. He also won a Bassmaster Open event on Ross Barnett in 2022. We are thrilled to have Lee on our team and look forward to an incredible start to the 2024 season!

The X21Pro is light and maneuverable, whether I am on the trolling motor or the steering wheel. The Xpress is a boat that I can get in and fish the way I want to. Plus, the storage and hole shot are amazing!

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3 time World Champion Duck Caller, Executive Producer of RNT-V, Owner and President of RNT Calls Inc.

Growing up duck hunting and fishing here in the heart of the Grand Prairie and spending time in a boat is second nature. I have a choice and my choice is Xpress Boats. Great performance, amazing handling characteristics in shallow and deep water, superb structural integrity, all wrapped up in great looking package.

Whether your looking for a duck boat or a bass boat, look no further than Xpress boats, they are the Choice of these champions!

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World champion duck caller and VP of development at Drake Waterfowl System in Olive Branch, MS.

Having the good fortune to spend a great deal of time in and around a lot of boats, I’ve learned to appreciate quality, performance, and aesthetics. I have a choice of which boat I can run, and that choice is Xpress. From bow to stern, it is obvious Xpress strives to build a boat that is tough as nails, handles like a dream, and looks great on the water!

Chosen by champions, check one out, you’ll be glad you did!

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pro staffer Cason Short


Running guide operations for Bill Byers Hunter Club, which has been in business for over 65 years, has allowed Cason and staff to rely on three things; safety, durability, and relationships. We know that when our clients get into that Xpress Bayou Series they are in the safest, most durable rig on the market. It’s going to perform every day of the season, year after year.

In three generations we’ve seen a lot of trends come and go in the duck hunting world. The Xpress Boats Family isn’t one of those.

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Hometown: Lake Charles, LA

Doug Miller was born and raised in Louisiana and has been fishing and hunting his entire life. He has a distinguished job as Director of Operations and Development at the famous Grosse Savanne Lodge in Lake Charles, LA. This world-class outdoor destination offers thrilling activities including waterfowl hunting, bass fishing, saltwater fishing, alligator hunting, and ecotours.

The Xpress Boats family has revolutionized the aluminum boat industry. This is NOT your grandfather’s aluminum boat. Joining the Xpress Team was the best move Grosse Savanne ever made!

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Resides In: FL

Hirofumi is widely known as “Hiro” and has experienced fishing in various styles since childhood. Hiro currently lives in Florida, the sacred place of the black bass, and is the Pacific Rim representative for one of the largest companies in the world. An expert in lure fishing, Hiro has been widely published, not only in the U.S. but also Internationally on lure design, presentation techniques, and catching big bass. 

Throughout the years, Hiro has developed a close relationship with many professional bass anglers and keeps in touch with the latest information, such as their techniques and fishing styles. In 1983, Hiro became the first Japanese angler to participate in the world’s highest bass tournament, “Bassmaster Classic” as a press angler. “It’s kind of like a bridge between America and Japan,” said Hiro (excerpt from HIROism profile).

Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1955. Hiro is revered in Japan as the “Bill Dance” of bass fishing, a true legend and a great friend of Xpress Boats. Take a look at one of his latest bass fishing videos here.

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pro staff Dale Hightower


Hometown: Mannford, OK

Hobbies: Deer hunting

Dale Hightower caught “the bug” as a youngster fishing with his dad for crappie and catfish in ponds around eastern Oklahoma. He began bass fishing in his early teens, which eventually lead to Monday Night Jackpot tournaments, near his hometown of Manford. “That’s where competitive fishing began for me, with my father-in-law Monty Troxell,” Hightower said. Dale and his wife Alicia own a successful heating, cooling and refrigeration business. He is thankful that she truly understands the demands of being a professional angler and fully supports him. He transitioned from fishing out of fiberglass boats to aluminum in 2018 when he joined Xpress Boats Elite team. In regards to running his X21 Pro, Dale Said “I love the way it rides and handles in extremely rough water and how shallow it drafts.”

At the end of the day, I’m going out there and fishing against the fish. I know what I need to do.

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Pro Staffer O'Joe Gabella


Hometown: Hemingway, SC

I grew up fishing ponds around coastal South Carolina. It was not until 2015 when Chris Wells “The Bass Chaplain” visited our church that I was introduced to tournament bass fishing. The following year Chris talked me into marshalling in the Bassmaster Elite tournament Winyah Bay and I understood what I was missing out on. Within days I visited Marshalls Marine in Lake City, SC and was looking for an entry level bass boat. I laid my eye on a 2016 Xpress X19 and was in love. I talked to a couple of the pros that I had made friends with and was advised it was a solid rig for fishing the rivers of coastal SC. I pulled the trigger and was amazed at how well the X19 handled and rode. The Yamaha was very responsive and put it on plane quickly. After 2 years of fishing local club tournaments and winning a few, I felt I needed to step up to a pro level boat and knew without a doubt I would be staying in an Xpress. I rode in a Phoenix, Ranger, Nitro, and Bass Cat and none of them impressed me enough to even consider making a switch. I visited Marshalls Marine again and ordered a loaded Xpress X21 Pro. I could not be happier with my choice. With Yamaha, Humminbird, Minn Kota, and SeaDek it is the complete package. Every time I hit the boat ramps, I have people asking about the boat and they are amazed that an aluminum boat could be outfitted this way. In 2019 I started working closely with “The Bass Chaplain” and going to Bassmaster tournaments and quickly became friends with the Xpress Pros and after developing a friendship with them and the leadership at Xpress I inquired about stepping up and becoming part of the Xpress team and representing this fine company. I am now committed to fish the next 2 years (2021 & 2022) in the Fishers of Men Trail and The Carolina Anglers Team Trail in South Carolina. I hope to represent Team Xpress well.

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Hometown: Ashdown, AR

Hobbies: Deer, turkey, and waterfowl hunting, along with grilling

Jared Fyock grew up with a dad and two grandpas who all had the same love for the outdoors and great leaders, who helped shape his path in life. After graduating high school, Jared joined the US Air Force and served five tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Once honorably discharged, he moved home to Arkansas and started working at Red River Army Depot. Jared is very blessed by his beautiful daughter Rylie and a handsome son Brooks, who both have the same interest in the outdoors as he does. Two years ago, Jared had the opportunity to start X-Series Fishing and Tours, a crappie fishing guide service on Millwood Lake, which was one of the best decisions he has ever made. He enjoys teaching people how to fish for crappie and loves watching them have the time of their lives boat flipping slab crappie. Jared also competes in the Crappie Masters state and national trail out of his Xpress X21 Pro. Jared also won the 2021 Mr. Crappie Invitational Classic on the Red River in October.

“The comfort, fishability, and safety of my Xpress are second to none.”

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Justin Martin grabbing a bass
Justin Martin looking to the sky while duck hunting


Hometown: West Monroe, LA

The name Justin Martin will be forever associated with Duck Dynasty and deservedly so, as he has been a friend of the Robertson family for years. Justin began working at Duck Commander in 2008, where he is currently General Manager. Justin is married. He and his wife Brittany are proud parents to twin boys. Most people know him as a passionate waterfowler and big practical joker, but he also loves the tug on his line from crappie and bass. His strong faith in the Jesus Christ and deep passion for the outdoors have blessed his life. The Xpress Boats family is honored to have Justin join the team!

“I was raised financially frugally. I have fished out of the boat my parents gifted me for high school graduation until now. I have always wanted a bigger boat but just never would pull the trigger and once I did, boom twins are coming. I panicked and almost called it off but I’m a man of my word and honored my commitment to purchase the boat. After fishing out of it for the first time at Grosse Savanne, it was clear I needed this boat for me, Brittany, and the boys. I’m so thankful I followed my gut as we have a lifetime of memories ahead in this rig!”

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Hometown: Lawrenceburg, TN

Luke Dunkin has been part of the professional fishing world since the age of 19. Having competed on the Bassmaster Opens and FLW Tour for several years. In 2020, Luke switched his focus from competing on tour to other projects like his Low Budget Live and LD AND THE MC podcasts where he breaks down the bass fishing industry from an insider’s perspective. In 2022 Luke will be competing in the Bassmaster Opens and will be the host for the National Professional Fishing League’s LIVE coverage.

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