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Xpress Bass Boats are the finest built, best running, all-welded, all-aluminum boats on the market today!



When building an Xpress Bass Boat, our focus is simple: PERFORMANCE. Performance getting you to and from your fishing destination quickly, comfortable and most importantly, safely. The Xcitement is not limited to just the boat ride, it continues once you reach your destination. Spacious storage for all of your fishing equipment, large decks designed to offer one of the finest, most comfortable fishing platforms on the market. The rest is up to you! There is no secret in designing and delivering one of the finest fishing solutions on the water today. At Xpress Boats, we build xcitement!



One of the finest-performing fishing solutions on the water today is within your reach. Xclusive says it all, the best of the best! Looks, fishability, storage, comfort, and – most importantly – performance are just a few words to describe Xpress Boats Xclusive Series. It’s been said that you can’t catch fish at speeds exceeding 70 mph, but isn’t it nice knowing that you can if you need to!

The above boat is shown with optional Appearance Package.

X21 Pro

w/ Yamaha VF175LA


Advertised Price Includes SeaStar Upgrade*

The above boat is shown with optional Appearance Package.

X19 Pro

w/ Yamaha F150LB


The above boat is shown with optional Appearance Package.

X18 Pro

w/ Yamaha VF115LA


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X21 ProX19 ProX18 Pro
Transom Height22″22″22″
Fuel Tank Capacity40 gal.40 gal.36 gal.
Approximate Weight1,580 lb.1,390 lb.1,187 lb.
Max Wt./Per/Mo/GR1,800 lb.1,700 lb.1,400 lb.
Total Wt. Per Cap4 / 775 lb.4 / 700 lb.4 / 700 lb.
Aluminum – 5052 Gauge0.1250.1250.125
Maximum HP150-250*150-200*115-150*
Overall Package Length26’10”24’2″23’2”
BackTrack Trailer ModelAW21-AAW19-AAW18-A
  • Higher horsepower rating requires hydraulic steering purchase*
  • 6” jack plate is recommended for all engines 150 HP and above
  • Overall package length includes trailer and engine
  • All measurements are approximate
  • Photos may include optional equipment
  • Nationally advertised price does not include TTL, freight and rigging



What happens when you take the finest padded hull design in the industry, years of innovation, coupled with essential features all at an economical price? You get the new Hyper-Lift Bass Series. Available in 17 and 18 foot lengths, this boat has an ergonomically designed interior with awesome standard features and  a sleek, superbly appointed, open floor plan that will provide you with years of xcitement. Fast, dry, pad hull design is your solution to getting you to and from your destination safely and most certainly, quickly!

The above boat is shown with optional Appearance Package.


w/ Yamaha VF115LA


The above boat is shown with optional Appearance Package.


w/ Yamaha VF90LA


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Transom Height
Fuel Tank Capacity18 gal.18 gal.
Approx Weight1,215 lb.1,165 lb.
Max Wt./Per/Mo/GR1,488 lb.1,397 lb.
Total Wt. Per Cap4 / 673 lb.4 / 540 lb.
Aluminum – 5052 Gauge0.1250.125
Maximum HP115
Overall Package Length23’2″22’2″
BackTrack Trailer ModelAW18-AAX17-A
  • Higher horsepower rating requires hydraulic steering purchase*
  • Overall package length includes trailer and engine
  • All measurements are approximate
  • Photos may include optional equipment
  • Nationally advertised price does not include TTL, freight and rigging



When searching for the most complete hunt/fish side console solution, look no further than the cornerstone of our fishing line-up. The Hydro-Dynamic hull has been designed and perfected by Xpress Boats and offers you that added sense of comfort knowing you are structurally secure to go just about anywhere you want or need to go. Unibody injected foam exceeding Coast Guard standards has set a standard for everyone else to follow. This is the right boat for any application, fish or fowl, this is the Xplorer Series by Xpress, why settle for anything less.

XP200 Overhead


w/ Yamaha VF115LA


XP180 Overhead


w/ Yamaha F70LA


XP170 Overhead


w/ Yamaha F50LB


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Transom Height
Fuel Tank Capacity18 gal.18 gal.18 gal.
Approx Weight1,261 lb.1,045 lb.920 lb.
Max Wt./Per/Mo/GR1,900 lb.1,300 lb.1,200 lb.
Total Wt. Per Cap8 / 1,128 lb.4 / 564 lb.4 / 564 lb.
Aluminum – 5052 Gauge0.1000.1000.100
Maximum HP115 / 150*
Overall Package Length25’23’6”23’6”
BackTrack Trailer ModelAWHD20AWHD17AWHD17
  • Higher horsepower rating requires hydraulic steering purchase*
  • Overall package length includes trailer and engine
  • All measurements are approximate
  • Photos may include optional equipment
  • Nationally advertised price does not include TTL, freight and rigging


“We purchased a 2021 Xpress XP180 from Marshall’s Marine in South Carolina. They were great to work with. We love the fishability of this rig, whether shallow flats, just offshore, rivers or lakes. This boat handles like a dream, fast, stable, and light. The XP180 handles all types of waters well for its size. We especially enjoy the large SeaDek covered casting decks. I can’t say enough about the quality of this Xpress XP180. It’s a real eye-catcher. We get lots of comments at the boat ramps and on the water.”

“I recently purchased my second Xpress, a 2019 X19Pro with Yamaha 200 SHO from Gulf to Lake Marine and Trailer in Locanto, FL. High performance was tops on my list of demands. This boat’s Hyper-Lift Hull handles extremely well with a super-fast holeshot and speeds topping 70 mph. The SeaDek flooring is soft, durable and easy to clean! With Xpress you get more bang for the buck. After all the added options, my final price was much less than any comparable brand. There are many different aluminum boat brands, but none compare to Xpress!”

“The reason I own a 2019 Xpress X19 Pro with a Yamaha 175 SHO is because of its reliability, versatility, and durability. This is my 2nd Xpress. I fish fresh and brackish water for bass and if they don’t cooperate, I will run out to the salt marsh to see what is going on. The Xpress also excels at going way up NW Florida’s tidal rivers to where they are full of shoals and underwater obstructions. The X19’s stout hull gives me the performance and peace of mind that I need to have to fish anytime and anywhere.”

“The first time I got in an Xpress bass boat I was absolutely blown away. The Hyper-Lift Hull is something you just have to experience. It’s a game-changer. I can run 65 to 70 mph in rough water. The SeaDek is easy to clean, durable, and comfortable to stand on all day. The storage is endless and every compartment is lit, even the livewell. So many things about my X21 that I love. The stability. The ride. The speed. The handling. The look. To me, it’s what makes Xpress the king of tins. Nothing compares.”

“This is my second Xpress X21. I’ve had fiberglass boats as well as other aluminum boats. My 2019 Xpress X21 boat has THE best ride of any bass boat I’ve driven. Everyone who rides in my boat remarks about how smooth and dry it rides. The X21 is a great fishing platform. It is laid out with fishability in mind. I also save money towing it over a heavy fiberglass boat. After driving an Xpress X21, I could never go back to fiberglass.”

“I have been impressed with the performance and handling of my 2019 X19 w/a Yamaha 175 SHO. My favorite features include the SeaDek flooring and LED lighted interior and storage compartments. The interior storage layout works great and I really like my 9” graph being recessed in the console. After coming from fiberglass boats and small aluminum rigs, I wanted a go-anywhere type of boat that I can take to fish smaller water, and get out on the big lakes as well. I don’t think there is a better performing aluminum bass boat out there!”

“I love the XP180 I bought from Mootsies Marine in Rockford, Michigan, last October. It gets rave reviews and everyone asks me where it came from. The top three features I like are the layout and design for fishing. Plus, I added a river anchor, which is key for fishing up here. The second is maneuverability and stability. This boat is very responsive even with a jet. The third feature I appreciate is the rough finish, which is helpful during the winter as its gets icy up here.”

“In 2018 I ordered my second Xpress from Marshall’s Marine, a fully loaded X21 Pro. I love the speed, handling, storage, ride, deck space, and price! Every time I hit a local ramp people come to look at it and ask questions. Then to watch Xpress start fielding a team of pros really excited me and after meeting the guys I could see just how special the company was. They treat these guys like they are a part of the family. Would I like to be a part of this family? Truth be told, I already am.”

“I started tournament bass fishing in 2003, running an Xpress X19 full time, and it has been nothing but awesome. My X19 gives me everything I need to fish shallow, big, skinny, and rugged water anywhere in the country. I have had the pleasure of working with Smith Motor Company in Hattiesburg, MS, as my Xpress dealer. The 200 Yamaha SHO on the back of my X19 is nothing but a pure adrenaline rush. I have been running Yamaha since my fishing career began and the dependability is above and beyond all expectations. If you are not running a Yamaha, you don’t know what you are missing.”

“Growing up in Central Florida, I have been near some body of water my whole life. I have fished the Bassmaster Opens for the last 6 years (3 as a co-angler and 3 as a pro) hoping to join the ranks of some of the best fisherman in the world! The Xpress X21Pro was the first boat I found to meet all of my needs in a bass boat. From the power of my Yamaha 250hp SHO to the super shallow draft allowing me to quietly fish areas others can’t make it into. Xpress Boats goes above and beyond to make me feel like part of the family.”

“I choose to run a 2018 model X19 Pro with a Yamaha 200 SHO. The top three features I like best about my boat are the fishability, Pro-Air Livewell system, and the overall construction of the boat. The price of these boats is another great asset. Most boats with this much detail to construction and the extras you get cost nearly twice the price and only come in fiberglass. Xpress isn’t the cheapest aluminum boat out there but is by far the best. I’m the reigning Crappie Masters National Champion and I trust my tournament success with the reliability of Xpress Boats and Yamaha.”

“The best features about the Xpress X21 Pro would have to be the Hyper-Lift Hull for starters. I have never in my life been in a boat that takes big water so well. The second would be the platform and design of floor space on the boat. It gives me the confidence to be able to fight a winning fish in any condition I may face. The third feature I really appreciate is storage. I have spent years gathering tackle and equipment in order to perform with the best in the country. Everything in my boat, plus loads of extra gear, always has a place in my compartments.”

“I test drove Dale Hightower’s X21 and that was all it took. Originally, I wanted something to get really shallow and around rocks, timber, etc. What I got was a whole lot more. Now, I have a boat that is smooth as can be on rough water, extremely stable, crazy fast (no holeshot – you hit the gas and you are on plane), and gets tremendous mileage. The boat just rolls off logs, gets in super skinny water, has more storage than I can fill up and the Seadek is near perfection. For me, the X21 surpasses every boat I have had, in every category.”

“My favorite feature of my 2020 X19 Pro is the performance of the boat. It’s powerful, fast, and handles extremely well. It by far is the smoothest riding boat I have been in. The layout of the X19 Pro was well thought out. The deck is large and easily allows multiple people to fish from the front. There is plenty of storage to have all of our fishing gear on board and keep organized. SeaDek is incredibly easy to clean, very durable, and feels great to stand on. I will never go back to the carpet in a boat after having SeaDek. Thank you, Xpress for building a superior boat!”

“I just wanted to XPRESS how happy I am with my 2015 XP180! I love how lightweight this setup is. I pulled it for two years with a Crown Victoria and never had a problem. I got my XP180 with a 90HP Yamaha 4 stroke. Secondly, I love how sturdy it feels on the water with two people pulling in big cats. The boat is solid! I like how easy it was to set up for my needs. Running extra wires for lights and electronics was a breeze. It looks great on and off the water. I have had other boats that didn’t have the storage or space that mine does. Keep up the great work!”

“I purchased my 2018 Xpress X18 Pro from RJ’s Outboard Sales and Service in Brandon, MS. The sales and service with RJ’s is top-notch. I absolutely love the ride of the Hyper-Lift hull. The performance of the Hyper-Lift Hull in regards to speed and smoothness is leaps and bounds ahead of other aluminum brands. The sleek look of the Xpress really drew me in. I can not tell you how many people have approached me to compliment my boat. I love the Xtreme coat. I fish a lot of dirty water and the Xtreme coat makes clean up a breeze.”

“I own a 2012 XP180. I love the ride for a flat bottom. I fish the Chesapeake Bay, especially in the fall for rockfish (for you non-Marylanders,  that is striped bass) lol. The storage is perfect.. whether I am fishing, crabbing, or hunting. The camo design is different and stands out. I bought the boat from R & C Marine in Queenstown, MD. Good guys. They even came out to replace the locks.”

“I run a 2019 X19Pro and enjoy the big front deck as it gives my son and I plenty of room to fish comfortably, the smooth ride and SeaDek. I had carpet in my XP7, but the SeaDek is so much better and easy to clean. Eric at G&F Sporting in Raceland, LA, was polite and answered any questions I had during the buying process and the boat came in as ordered.”

“I own a 2016 Xpress X18 Pro. I love how quick it gets on plain and the way it rides across the waves like there not even there. I like the 115 Yamaha SHO, which requires very little maintenance. The Humminbird Helix 7 keeps me out of trouble. Minn Kota Edge keeps me where the fish are. I purchased the boat from Brooks Marine in Bauxite, AR. I am very pleased with boat and Brooks Marine. I enjoy Xpress all the way around!”

“I’ve always loved the look of an Xpress and finally bought one. I am completely in love with everything about my XP200, which I named the “Camo Cadillac!” From the Yamaha 150 upgrade to the SeaDeck and all the room to store gear, I just love everything about it! John at Marine Service Center, in Murrells Inlet, SC, sold me the boat. He was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. The 150 upgrade provides plenty of power to get me downriver, but smooth enough for my family to tag along! Great riding boat!”

“The ride, huge front deck, and the ability to get in really shallow water are just a few of the reasons I run an Xpress. I had an H18 w/150 for 4 years before purchasing my 2018 X21Pro w/250 SHO from Carey and Sons in Granbury, TX. I drove 11 hours to get it and was out of the dealership in 30 minutes, so I would say that was a great experience. I’ve owned 6 glass boats including 2 Nitros, 1 Phoenix, 2 older model Sketters, and a Hydra-Sports. Will never go back to glass again, XPRESS only!”

“I couldn’t be happier with my 2019 Xpress X18 Pro that I purchased from B&L Marine in Monroe, LA. It has an incredible holeshot with the 150 hp outboard. The fishability is perfect. The recessed trolling motor foot pedal tray really comes in handy on a long day on the water. I also value the SeaDek on the casting decks. I don’t know how I managed to fish on the carpet before. It’s cool to the touch even on a hot day, and easily rinses off.”

“I own a 2019 Xpress XP7 Bass in blue that I purchased from Smith Motor Company in Hattiesburg, MS. They are awesome people to do business with and their support has been excellent! The Xtreme Liner is awesome. I absolutely love it. The seats and roll-away storage are very convenient for me. The rod lockers are huge and I fit a ton of tackle in them. My Xpress XP7 Bass with  Yamaha 90hp Vmax is hands down the best boat I have ever owned!”

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