Hyper-Lift H190 Bay Console

The Xpress Boats Hyper-Lift H190 Bay delivers 19 feet of padded hull excitement for the budget-minded sportsman. Our engineers took everything you know and love about our Hyper-Lift Bay Series and scaled down the size of the boat and selection of best-in-class features while keeping the same key construction components that have made Xpress Boats so successful. The H190 Bay has the same all-welded, handcrafted, durable construction and Hyper-Lift Hull underneath that you will find throughout our other lines of boats, so you can rest knowing your investment includes the safest and strongest foundation available. This dream craft packs performance, fishability, and comfort into one cost-effective boat that will have you itching to delve deeper into those backwater tidal areas or up those creeks in pursuit of trophy fish! 

Let’s kick off this segment of the Xpress Boats owner’s manual by examining the driver’s side on the H190 Bay console. Beginning on the left side, you will see a multi-function gauge that displays the current RPM of the outboard, along with trim and fuel level. Speaking of fuel, the Hyper-Lift H190 Bay holds 36 gallons inside the gas tank located under the rear storage compartment by the transom.

I want to remind you that the features of your boat and trailer may vary depending on the package and options you selected. The following packages are available on the Hyper-Lift H190 Bay:

  • Saltwater Trailer Package
  • Bay Stainless Package
  • Electronics Package
  • Appearance Package

Next, you will see a panel that holds an assortment of rocker switches that control various functions within the boat. 

MASTER POWER will turn on the power to all your accessories on your boat. Remember to turn this OFF after each fishing trip to conserve battery power. 

NAV/ANC turns the bow and stern navigational lights on and off. 

BILGE controls the bilge pump, located inside the rear storage compartment. Please watch a separate owner’s manual video segment called “Livewell/Bilge Pump” for detailed information about using your bilge pump.

LIVEWELL runs the aerator feature on the rear livewell and baitwell which comes standard on this model. A recirculating system is not an available option on the H190 Bay. Be sure to insert the black plug, located inside your Xpress Boats dry bag, into the bottom hole to fill it up with water. Please watch the separate owner’s manual video segment called “Livewell/Bilge Pump” for more detailed information about using these features on your Hyper-Lift H190 Bay.

Beside each rocker switch is a breaker associated with it should you need to reset it.

There is a convenient dual-USB port with a cap for charging phones and other devices.

The graph is on the top right side of the dash panel. The Hyper-Lift H190 Bay comes standard with the Humminbird Piranha Max 4, but due to varying packages or options, you may have a different Humminbird or Garmin graph installed.

Below the dash panel is the helm. The black three-spoke, heavy-duty plastic, high impact, U.V. resistant steering wheel comes standard on the H190Bay, while the five spoke stainless steel constructed steering wheel with the turning knob is only available on the Bay Stainless Package. The H190Bay comes standard with cable steering, not hydraulic. If you chose the optional BayStar hydraulic steering upgrade there will be a small black cap that allows you access to the hydraulic steering fluid port where you can add additional fluid. We recommend having your authorized Xpress Boats dealer inspect the hydraulic system including adding fluid and bleeding air out of it. 

Please watch the separate owner’s manual video segment titled “Cable vs. Hydraulic Steering” for additional information.

Beside the helm sits another convenient cup holder.

Next is the Yamaha flush-mounted control box with an ergonomic handle with a thumb-operated trim-tilt switch, a neutral switch, and a push-button neutral warm-up. The throttle controls the power of your Yamaha outboard.

There may be an optional Kicker or WetSounds premium sound system and/or a rocker switch labeled JACKPLATE that operates the hydraulic jackplate on the lower area of the console. Pressing up on the rocker will raise the motor higher and pressing down will lower it.  

All Hyper-Lift Bay models have an ignition panel in this area used to turn your motor on and off. Below that is the built-in engine-stop lanyard kill switch. For safety, we recommend you always have your kill switch clipped into your PFD or wrapped around your wrist when operating the engine.

The last feature on this side of the console is a small aluminum door that provides direct access to the trolling motor batteries and wiring for gauges and fuses.

Now let’s transition to the port side of the console and take a look at the removable grab rail. You can drop the grabrail down by unscrewing the two large black wing nuts, which are located inside your boat’s dry bag, and then moving the rail down towards the bow. 

To remove the plexiglass windshield you will need to turn each of the five fasteners vertically and then gently pull the base of the windshield away from the console. To re-install, line up the windshield to the mounting holes, push the fasteners in, and turn them horizontally to secure them in place.  

Each side of the console comes standard with three fishing rod holders, plus there will be a marine speaker if you added a radio to your boat and a courtesy light if you chose the option for lights in the livewell, storage boxes, and interior.  

We hope you have found this Xpress Boats owner’s manual segment on the Hyper-Lift H190 Bay console helpful. 

For additional information, please look inside the Basic Boating and Safety Manual, included in your Xpress dry bag, visit our website xpressboats.com, or contact your local Xpress dealer. Finally, please let us know if you have a question that is not covered in any of these modules.