Xpress Boats Dealer Audit

Please complete the questions below as accurately as possible for every Xpress Boats dealer inside your sales region. The data this provides will help the company better equip our authorized dealers to sell our product and represent our brand appropriately in the marketplace. Please contact PeeWee Strother if you have any questions.

Sales Rep Name(Required)
Main Contact Person(Required)
Sales and marketing announcements will be sent to the primary email address.
Brands represented?(Required)
Dealer website?
If they have a website, does it link back to XpressBoats.com?
Is their current inventory displayed on their website?
Is the dealer using the current Xpress Boats logo (shown above) on their website?
Are they using current Xpress Boats videos and photography (2021 or newer) on their website?
Check all of the social media platforms listed below that the dealer is active on?
Who manages social media for the dealership?
Does the dealer have an SEO strategy?(Required)
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Does the dealer have a current Google Business Profile?(Required)
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Is the dealer reposting or sharing Xpress Boats social media content on their company’s social media accounts?(Required)
Is there Xpress branded POP and/or signage inside and outside the dealership? (Required)
Is there a branded video playing inside the dealership?(Required)
Does the dealer have an active email marketing campaign?(Required)
If so, what email platform do they use?