Doug Miller, host of XO: Xpress Outdoors, joins Bassmaster elite angler Bill Lowen on Kentucky Lake in central Tennessee for a day of shallow water bass fishing. Starting out in the morning on Lake X, an impoundment just west of Kentucky Lake, where Bill was able to demonstrate how he looks for that “hard edge” when flipping in shallow water. Here are some tips when fishing shallow water pockets with flooded bushes:
  • Look for a hard edge where bass can’t move back from and are pinned again
  •  Rely upon your electronics to located similar structure and duplicate them instead of running all over the lake searching
Dropping water levels made for some tough fishing conditions. They changed up gears and moved to Kentucky Lake for the afternoon where Bill explained how he approaches a lay down to maximize the chances of boating as many fish as he can.
Here are the three tips on approaching a lay down:
  • Position your boat offshore to allow you to cover the entire tree
  • Start with the outside edges first
  • Target the high percentage areas of the tree including submerged main limbs and shady areas

“Big bass, broken rods…gotta love it!” – Bill Lowen