If You’re Looking for the Best Boat on the Market, You Need To Consider the Xpress Aluminum Bay Boat

Xpress Boats are the original all-welded aluminum bay boats. They are outstanding proven fishing boats built with expert craftsmanship.

But we’re not sitting on our laurels. We are constantly improving our fish bay boats. We’re adding modern hardware, upgrading accessories, and more high-performance engines.

Tell us about your passion for fishing and watersports and we’ll tell you why we’re working hard at perfecting the Xpress aluminum bay boat for you.

The Essence of Performance and Durability: Handcrafted All-Welded 5052 Aluminum Bay Boats

Since 1966, Xpress Boats has been building outstanding bay fishing boats. Our secret? We use the finest 5052 aluminum for our bay boat hulls.

And instead of using rivets, each hull is meticulously welded by hand. This attention to detail and construction ensures reliability and durability.

So whether you’re a fisherman, hunter, water skier, or sun worshiper, your bay boat will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

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H24Bay Front View

Aluminum Bay Boats That Stand the Test of Time

Xpress Boats has been building aluminum boats for over 50 years. And over the years, our clients’ appreciation keeps us motivated to go the extra mile.

We build our bay boats using the highest quality 5052 aluminum alloy.

Each bay boat comes with best-in-class components and hardware. They get installed with top-shelf electronics and accessories. For maximum performance and power, we use only Yamaha outboard motors.

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Reliable Aluminum Bay Boats for Fishing Trips, Watersports—and More

Xpress Boats is the right choice when you’re looking for a reliable bay boat. You can run marsh flats and shallow water easily. Deep waters and large waves? You can coast through them with ease.

Fishing or hunting? Need to get some practice runs in before that big watersports meet? There’s definitely an all-welded aluminum Xpress bay boat with your name on it!

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Xpress Boats revolutionized the bay boat market with its X-Bay Series. Built with the same DNA that has propelled Xpress Boats Hyper-Lift Series to the top, the X-Bay is the leader in big water, big fish xcitement. Whether relaxing during or after a full day of fishing, this multi-function craft is capable of running big water, chasing monster bull reds, or out with the entire family enjoying the scenery. The X-Bay Series from Xpress Boats was enhanced in 2021 with the addition of the X23Bay Lounge, plus the twin-engine option providing up to 300 HP. These additions brought our already popular pad hull X-Bay series to a whole new level with features designed for the angler and the whole family.BIG WATER XCITEMENTX-BAY & X-BAY LOUNGE SERIES
Xpress Hyper-Lift Bay Series boats are the SOLUTION. Built on the foundation of our Hyper-Lift Hull, this dream craft packs performance, fishability, and comfort into one amazing cost-effective boat. In thin water or rough seas, you will not find a better solution. Whether this is your first bay boat or you intend to make this the last bay boat you buy, the Xpress Hyper-Lift Bay Series will satisfy!THE ORIGINAL #1 SELLING 20′ ALUMINUM BAY BOAT…PERIOD!HYPER-LIFT BAY SERIES
The H190 Bay is the ideal option for anyone looking for a high-performance, beautifully styled, economically priced 19’ bay boat. Built on the foundation of our famed Hyper-Lift Hull, the H190 Bay is a new addition to our high-demand Xpress Hyper-Lift Bay Series line. This dream craft packs performance, fishability, and comfort into one amazing cost-effective boat.PAD HULL XCITEMENT FOR THE BUDGET MINDED SPORTSMANHYPER-LIFT 190 BAY
Shallow Water Bay runningXpress Shallow Water Bay Series crafts feature a hull design that allows the adventurous angler to go farther in the shallows where the big ones think they are safe. This design performs flawlessly navigating open water and provides a nominal draft capable of venturing deep into the marsh. The Shallow Water Bay Series is Xpress tough.THIN WATER, HIGH PERFORMANCESHALLOW WATER BAY SERIES
Xplorer CC runningXplorer CC (Center Console) Series boats are designed to be tough. Capable of running shallow deep in the marsh chasing giant gators, or with full throttle confidence and sports car performance in open water. Fresh or saltwater, this is an American-made, blue-collar, everyday hard-working center console bay boat solution with a ton of xcitement built in!DESIGNED TO BE TOUGH, PERIODXPLORER CC BAY SERIES

Xperience the Performance, Comfort, and Reliability of an Xpress Bay Boat

Looking for the best boat on the market that fits your budget? Look no further than Xpress.

Our bay boats offer the performance you need in one well-engineered package.

When you buy an Xpress bay boat you’re getting a trustworthy brand and a lifetime of enjoyment.

So send us a message below to find out about the best aluminum bay boats for sale—you won’t be disappointed.


“I own and operate Pine Cliff Lodge, a remote, world-class fishing experience located in Ontario. We have ten 20-foot Xpress center console boats with 50 hp Yamaha’s, Lowrance electronics, and Minn Kota trolling motors. Our fleet has endured heavy wear and tear as “rentals” over the past seven years being used daily. The all-welded aluminum hull can take a beating, it rides smooth, and outperforms on choppy water. The raised decks offer a great fishing platform, plus abundant storage. The deep pocket around the console provides safety and stability to small children and mobility-impaired anglers. The textured coating on the decks has weathered well. These boats and hardy and hold up well in the toughest of environments.”

“I love the H22Bay that I bought from Seals Outboard in Charleston. I haven’t had a single problem has plenty of storage for rods. My cousin and I compete in tournaments together from South Caroline to Florida. We have fished from 6 inches to 100 feet of water. It’s the best aluminum boat I’ve ever run! It is dry and rides well. We run the dog snot out of it and the boat takes it.”

“With my Xpress H22Bay I have harvested my biggest public land buck to date, caught countless fish, and gotten to some of the best duck hunting spots in the state. My favorite things about my Xpress are the front raised deck platform, the large amount of dry storage, and the two live wells. I can honestly say this boat has helped me have the best hunting and fishing experiences of my life. I wouldn’t trade this boat for anything.”

“Versatility, speed, and stability would be my three favorite features of my XP20CC. Whether hunting diver ducks on big water or running the river and backwaters, you can comfortably hunt four men and a dog with all your decoys and equipment. You can take the blind off in the spring, put the trolling motor down, fish a tournament, or enjoy a fun day on the lake with family and friends. My Xpress handles any job on the water 365 days a year.”

“The Xpress H22B has been the go-to boat for my electronics training business. I currently perform electronics setups, training, and search and recovery, along with training seminars for high school and college fishing teams. My Xpress H22B is currently rigged with state-of-the-art Humminbird and Minn Kota equipment, and I have been a representative of these two companies for over 10 years now. Maneuverability, a stable platform, and the ability to draft very shallow water are vital in the success of the recovery of objects and drowning victims with my electronics. My Xpress provides these qualities flawlessly no matter the weather conditions.”

“I’ve always liked the look of Xpress bay boats and always told myself I would get one. Living in the Low Country, we have an amazing fishery. I spend most of my time in the inlet chasing redfish, trout, and flounder. This H20 Bay has been an amazing boat and has opened up my horizons of how far I can go inshore and offshore. I’m looking forward to more adventures in this rig with family and friends! It’s the best boat on the market!”

“We bought our 2020 H20 Bay brand new from F&S Yamaha & Marine in Spring Grove, PA. We love the SeaDek flooring, especially while fishing barefoot, and it’s so easy to clean. The full-size livewell works great for keeping bass alive during my club tourneys and the lined rod boxes can easily fit 10 rods on each side. The Hyper-Lift hull with 115 Yamaha SHO gets on plane fast and is flat-out fun to drive. The custom-made BackTrack trailer is a cinch to load and is very handsome with LED lights, diamond plate fenders, and no maintenance aluminum wheels. We love our H20 and never get tired of the compliments at the ramp.”

“My hubby and I have always loved the outdoors. We discovered the H22 Bay and loved the room this boat has, with plenty of deck and a lot of walking space around the console, which is a big deal when gator hunting. The storage was awesome as well. Plus, it’s a great-looking ride! So, we purchased the boat from Boat Sales of Lake Wylie and have loved it ever since. Our Xpress boat has probably had more gators inside of it than any Xpress in America! It’s so durable and never lets us down! We love it!”

“I couldn’t have picked a better boat for the inshore fishing I do in Charleston, SC than my Xpress H20Bay. My favorite features are the ability to get into very skinny waters, the SeaDek, and the Yamaha 150 V Max. The buying process and test drive in the mini-lake behind Marshall’s Marine in Lake City, SC couldn’t have been easier. I love the boat! Keep making great products that can handle the skinny water.”
“The Hyper-Lift Hull on my H24Bay has to be the best hull in the aluminum boat category. It’s smooth riding even in a good chop, shoots out the water like a rocket, and allows you to holeshot in shallow water. The Yamaha SHO will forever be my choice of power. One more of my favorite features about the boat is the abundance of lights in all the compartments and live wells. The team at Florida Family Marine tricked the boat out as much as possible. When people ask what I think about the boat I always tell them you will be Xpressed with it.”

“My H22B offers great performance and is the most comfortable fishing boat I’ve owned. The Yamaha 175 HP powers the 22-foot boat nicely. The SeaDek is something I didn’t know I’d like as much as I do. Easy on the feet and knees when you have to get down and dirty. I’m an avid bass fisherman, fishing probably three times a week year-round. The gas mileage is impressive. The Minn Kota trolling motor with i-Pilot has more hours than the engine. Whether freshwater or saltwater, my H22B performs perfectly.”

I saw the Xpress H20Bay at a boat show and liked the Hyper-Lift Hull and that it was aluminum, not fiberglass. The next day I went to Boats Etc. in La Porte, TX, and saw a seafoam green model and bought it. My 3 favorite features about the boat are the Wet Sounds audio system and head unit. The second one would be the upgraded Minn Kota trolling motor with an i-Pilot which keeps me in the spot I want to be in without drifting. The third feature I like is how smooth the boat rides. The boat handles like a dream. It’s comfortable and I’ve never had any issues with it.”

“My first thought on the H20Bay is “wow, this thing is beautiful.” The Hyper-Lift hull is crazy good when it comes to getting on plane. With 4 adults, a full fuel tank, gear, and ice chests it had no problem getting on plane. Here in Mobile Bay, it can get quite choppy quick and it handled the chop really well. I’m extremely pleased with the handling as that was one of my biggest concerns. Plenty of storage and “all pumps, batteries, and wiring are easily accessible. 10/10 recommend all day! Very pleased to say I’m an Xpress owner!”

“The H24Bay that I purchased from Marshall’s Marine in Georgetown, SC is the best boat out there in my opinion! A lot of these guides talked bad about the aluminum boat industry until I gave them a ride on my boat. I will put my Xpress up against any of their fiberglass boats in rough water, shallow water, or anything! Y’all killed it with this design! The open walking room is perfect for charter fishing like I do!”

“I absolutely love my H20B! I have two kids so the jump seats were a big plus for me and it’s probably the easiest boat to pull I’ve ever owned with the weight of the boat and the trailer is so light.  Maneuverability is awesome in the boat as well. I fish freshwater exclusively because I live in Oklahoma. The 115 Yamaha SHO is perfect for my application and I haven’t found any water or weather that I won’t take this boat out in. It handles anything and everything I want it to. I have never taken this thing on the water and not gotten compliments on it.”

“I purchased a 2021 H22B from Marshall’s Marine in Lake City, SC, and was impressed with their customer service. I spend a lot of time taking veterans out fishing with a non-profit called Hook Line and Heroes, so safety is my main priority. I decided on the Xpress H22B because the reputation of an Xpress with the Hyper-Lift Hull, plus there is plenty of room on the front deck, and it’s perfect for bass, striper, redfish, catfish, and crappie. The tandem axle trailer and the weight reduction of aluminum made towing a breeze!”

“The first feature that I love about the 2015 Xpress H20B is the Hyper-Lift Hull! It’s very stable even with 5+ people on the boat, gets on plane with ease, and is a very comfortable ride. I love the Xtreme Coat liner! I’ve been caught in the rain and don’t slip even barefoot, plus it doesn’t stain from the fish and is easy to clean. Finally, the boat is very versatile! From going 10-15 miles offshore to reefs or inshore to mangroves, it will do it all! It handles well in 2-3 foot waves too or shallow water with 3 people and a full tank of fuel. I’m very pleased with the purchase.”

“I recently purchased the H22Bay so that I can have a boat I feel comfortable using in any water condition for pursuing crappie. The space in the H22Bay allows me to carry an arsenal of rods along with coolers, minnow buckets, and all my other gear. I couldn’t be happier with the way the boat handles in calm and rough water. It’s an absolute dreamboat for me, with a price point a working man like myself can afford. I’d recommend that boat to anybody!”

“I bought a 2019 H22Bay from Boat Sales of Lake Wylie in SC. They have been really great to work with and the buying process went really well. The best part about owning it is getting kids out on the water to fish. My favorite features would be the storage, the bait tank, and the handling. I have a Yamaha 150 on mine that provides plenty of power and speed. It’s a fun boat to drive and the handling is second to none. I also like the ability to get back in shallower creeks allowing me to catch fish that a lot of other boats can’t get to.”

“I fish at least twice a week all over the southern Louisiana coast on my 2006 HD20CC bay boat. One of my favorite features is the deep gunnels, which allow me to take on moderately deep waves if I have to. Another key factor that I love is the modified V-hull with flotation pods on the back. I can get in 6 inches of water no problem and push pole around ponds while sight casting for redfish. The boat planes off well even with a lot of weight in it. It’s a beautiful boat and runs like a champ. I’ll never sell that boat and I’ve had a lot of offers.”

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