Episode two of XO: Beyond The Boat features XO host Doug Miller and legendary athlete Bo Jackson at Grosse Savanne Lodge! Bo discusses his youthful misadventures, sports, hunting and fishing. His mother’s hard work ethic inspired him to constantly improve himself. Throughout his youth Bo competed in football, baseball and wrestling, which eventually provided him with college scholarship opportunities. Bo constantly overcame various obstacles throughout his life, making him a better student, athlete and person. After winning the Heisman Trophy while at Auburn University, Bo began his professional athletic career. He is the only athlete in history to be named All-Star in both football and baseball, while still focusing on his wife and expanding family. After retiring from professional sports, Bo continued to pursue his passion for fishing and hunting, along with becoming an entrepreneur, actor and philanthropist.
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  1. Gloria Newton says:

    I was trying to research a boat for my son. Where researching I saw Bo on one of them. I was just wondering if he know someone that could help me on maybe getting exactly what he wants.

  2. Jon Vashey says:

    Gloria we’d be glad to help you find the right Xpress boat to fit your needs. We are emailing you now.

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